Girl on Andrea Brillantes Scandal Video is Not Her, But Her Older Sister? (Photo)

Andrea Brillantes Annaliza

This Friday morning, July 10, netizens began spreading the news of an alleged scandal video of the 12-year old child actress Andrea Brillantes. Apparently, many of them believe that the said video is real, and the hashtag #RespectAndreaBrillantes became a trending topic on Twitter as support from her fans.

The alleged Andrea Brillantes scandal video was believed to have been posted on Facebook on Thursday night. Some reports say that there are actually two videos – a 1:35-minute video taken inside a bedroom, and a 33-second video taken inside a restroom. Both videos shows a girl that appears to look exactly like the Kapamilya star.

At first, many netizens said they thought that the videos were fake and were made only to destroy the reputation of the famous child star. However, there were photos allegedly proving that the bedroom on the video is the same bedroom shown in the photos of Andrea Brillantes on her Instagram account.

Born Anndrew Blythe Daguio Goroztiza, Andrea Brillantes rose to fame in 2013 after playing the starring role of the remake of Annaliza aired on ABS-CBN. She is now playing the role of Lia Buenavistao in the “Pangako Sa’Yo” remake. She has a brother and a sister, and has an older half-sister through her mother.

From this information, there were speculations that the girl on the videos is not her, but her older sister, Kayla. Photos circulated on Twitter show that the two sisters wear the same black bracelet, and that they are really look alike. The cellphone of Andrea was allegedly stolen two months ago.

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Andrea Brillantes sister bracelet

Andrea Brillantes and her sister (with bracelet); Credit: Andrea Brillantes Instagram

Andrea Brillantes bracelet

Credit: Andrea Brillantes Instagram

But whoever the girl on the videos is, we are strongly reminding everyone not to share them. It is against Republic Act No. 9995 or the Anti-Photo and Video Voyeurism Act of 2009, which prohibits anyone to take a photo or video of a person or people group performing sexual act, as well reproducing, copying, selling, and distributing it.

Here at TN, we respect the privacy of anyone involved in such acts. We condemn the person who uploaded the videos, as well as those people who shared them. And for the sake of love, you don’t have to understand the law to realize that Andrea and Kayla Brillantes are both minors. As of posting, her family has not yet commented on this issue.



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