‘Ghost Teacher’ Photobombs Filipino Students Inside Their Classroom

Ghost teacher photobomb Filipino students

Two Filipino high school students were totally shocked after learning that an alleged ghost teacher photobombs them inside their classroom. Their teacher and classmates planned to keep it a secret so no one in their school will be scared. However, one of the students posted the creepy photo on Facebook on Saturday.

According to Mrs. Lydia Camposanto, a teacher in a public high school in Nueva Ecija, her students took photos on their last day of school in December last year. However, Sonia and Heidi (not their real names) wanted to have a photo with only the two of them together.

The two girls are now third year high school and have been classmates since elementary days. Mrs. Camposanto said that she asked them to show their best smiles as she take photos using her digital camera. The teacher stressed out that there is no other person inside that classroom that time.

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Afterwards, she showed it to them and they did not notice anything unusual. Mrs. Camposanto said her cousin Nelia borrowed her digital camera which will be used on their family Christmas party. Two days later, her cousin called her and told her about the “ghost teacher” photobomb.

“She (Nelia) was trembling when she called me and requested me to go to their house immediately. I don’t believe in ghost, but the black image on the photo makes me chill. It appears to be a woman in black with long hair and facing the wall.” Mrs. Camposanto told TN.

“I asked some old people living near the school if they know some stories of a ghost teacher. One elderly woman told me that a young, beautiful teacher was raped and committed suicide 12 years ago. She said the identity of the suspect remains unknown.” The high school teacher added.

For the benefit of the doubt, TN showed the photo to Wilberto Celestino, a Filipino digital photo expert. According to him, the light that entered the window of the classroom can produce a shadow. However, he said the shadow shouldn’t create a standing position just like in the photo.

TN also asked Daniella Jean “DJ” Olarte, a long-time commercial advertising photographer and a photoshop expert. DJ told us that any “ghost teacher” photobomb can easily be inserted by anyone who knows how to photoshop. But she emphasized that she is very sure that the said photo is not photoshopped.

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After the photo went viral on Facebook this weekend, many students were afraid to go to school. In fact, the school principal said the number of absent students increased abruptly on Monday. The school administration decided to have a special meeting with the parents regarding the issue.

As of posting, no one can explain the mystery of the “ghost” photobomb. Mrs. Camposanto continues to teach on the same classroom, while Sonia and Heidi said they are still trembling every time they remember the scene in their photo. They said the “ghost” could be the teacher seeking for justice.

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