Gerphil Flores vs El Gamma Penumbra: Who Deserves to Win Asia’s Got Talent?

Gerphil Flores vs El Gamma AGT Finals

First of all, we must salute all the Pinoy talents (and other nationalities) who made it to the Asia’s Got Talent Finals competition. But while all of them deserve to be on where they are now, it appears that only two finalists are fighting to be declared the first ever AGT winner – Gerphil Flores and El Gamma Penumbra.

As of posting, fans are very busy voting for their chosen talents and are rushing in, as the deadline of voting is only until this Monday, May 11, 2015, 11:59 pm. However, it is interesting that Pinoys around the world are again on their “proud to be Pinoy” mode as both finalists come from the Philippines.

With Filipinos excited to see their kababayans perform on the Grand Finals night, it is interesting to discuss who more deserves to win – Gerphil Flores or El Gamma Penumbra? The good thing about these two finalists is that they have different talents; Gerphil is a classical singer, while El Gamma is a shadow act group.

First, let us remember that both of them earned the Golden Buzzer during their audition, along with Gao Lin and Liu Xin, the acrobatic ballet act couple from China, who reminds us of Duo Flame from Ukraine’s Got Talent. Another Filipino finalist who received the Golden Buzzer is the dance group, Junior New System.

For El Gamma Penumbra, which incidentally landed as fourth place in the Pilipinas Got Talent Season (PGT) 3 in 2012, they are being compared to Attraction, the Hungarian shadow theater group that won the Britain’s Got Talent Season 7 in 2013. It is safe to say that neither of the two copied from each other.

On the other hand, Gerphil Flores suffered a great loss during the PGT semi-finals after show judges Kris Aquino and Ai-ai Delas Alas rejected her over the balladeer, Sherwin Baguion. Their decision became controversial as Kris and Ai-Ai admitted the latter did not reach his highest tone, but they still chose him.

In terms of performances at AGT, the Gerphil Flores vs El Gamma Penumbra comparison is exciting right from the audition. Gerphil sang “Speak Softly Love” and wowed everyone. Judges gave her a standing ovation, and David Foster pressed his Golden Buzzer. He even went up to the stage and gave her a hug.

For El Gamma Penumbra’s audition, the shadow dance group showcased the different famous tourist spots around the world. The crowd was very pleased, and the four judges gave them positive comments. Judge Anggun from Indonesia went teary eyed and pressed her Golden Buzzer. She also hugged the group on stage.

The semi-finals became tougher for Gerphil and El Gamma as they have to surpass their audition performance, which they did it with flying colors. The 24-year old opera singer sang “Love Story” and received her second standing ovation. David Foster even told her that he wants her to sign a recording contract.

On the other hand, El Gamma Penumbra performed a world-peace themed emotional shadow play act. This time, Anggun couldn’t control her tears after they performed. All the judges agree that they were moved with the very powerful message from the group’s act, although it seems shorter than their audition piece.

Come the Finals, Gerphil Flores sang “Impossible Dream” and as expected, she received her third standing ovation from everyone. Once again, all the four judges praised her stunning operatic voice. And yes, it is not surprising to know that David Foster promised her that she will be known around the world.

We must admit, El Gamma Penumbra really did great in the Finals. With their act as tribute to Mother Nature, the entire concept was so moving and brilliant. The four judges were up on their feet, and Anggun cried again. The message was so strong, which reminded us of the victims of Typhoon Yolanda.

For the final verdict, we can assume that the voting result is a close fight between the two. Local artists including Lea Salonga and Regine Velasquez have shown support for Gerphil Flores, with the latter telling her supporters to vote for her. And without a doubt, El Gamma Penumbra also has tons of supporters.

It’s really hard to choose between the two, not because both of them are Filipinos but are both world-class performers. Win or lose, Gerphil Flores has a great future ahead of her. On the other hand, El Gamma can expect more projects not only from the Department of Tourism, but also for promoting other projects.

Good luck also to other AGT finalists – Filipino singer Gwyneth Dorado, the Japanese dance troupe Triqstar; the boys’ rock band ‘The Talento,’ and Khusugtun Band from Mongolia. But then, we think that it will only be between El Gamma Penumbra and Gerphil Flores.

Sorry, El Gamma, but our votes go to Gerphil Flores…and we hope Kris Aquino and Ai-Ai voted for her this time. 🙂

You can still vote until Monday, May 11, 2015 23:59 pm. For more details, visit the Asia’s Got Talent Facebook page.

And yes, we have a very strong feeling that she will win the Asia’s Got Talent.

How about you?

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