Gerphil Flores to Guest at ‘Aquino & Abunda Tonight’ Show

Gerphil Flores Aquino Abunda

At last, Asia’s Got Talent second runner up Gerphil Flores will be a guest at ‘Aquino & Abunda Tonight (A&A). This is contrary to the rumors and malicious reports from tabloids that the classical crossover has ill feelings towards Kris Aquino, who rejected her during the Pilipinas Got Talent semi-finals.

According to her Facebook post, Gerphil said she eceived an invitation to guest at ‘Aquino and Abunda Tonight’ tomorrow, Wednesday, June 3, 2015, 10 pm. She also thanked ABS-CBN for the invitation. She invited her fans to watch her, and requested people who say she hates Kris Aquino to stop spreading false accusations.

Apparently, there were also speculations that Gerphil is snubbing all shows from ABS-CBN. It all started when the other Filipino AGT finalists appeared on ASAP except her. She also cleared this issue, saying that she was still in Singapore that time. She later appeared on various shows at TV5 and GMA-7.


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Gerphil Flores Aquino and Abunda Tonight

Credit: Gerphil Geraldine Flores

In early April, the ‘Aquino & Abunda Tonight Show mentioned the Pinoy talents who auditioned and made it into the semi-final round at Asia’s Got Talent. But for some reasons, Gerphil Flores was not included. Her videos were not shown, and her name was not even mentioned. This incident angered some Gerphil fans.

Speculations surfaced that ABS-CBN or Kris Aquino could have requested show producers not to include Gerphil. Some people say it could be due to lack of time, while only a few people it was an honest mistake. For Gerphil, she humbly suggested that it was a simple and honest mistake.

During the Pilipinas Got Talent semi-finals in 2010, Kris said that she based her vote on the fact that Billy Crawford and Luis Manzano were both singing the song that was performed by Sherwin Baguion, Gerphil’s competitor. On her speech, Gerphil Flores said she will still continue singing classical songs.

But before that, many PGT spectators are already asking Kris Aquino and Ai-Ai delas Alas to be replaced as judges of the show, emphasizing that the two stars (especially Kris) have no knowledge about music. The demand became stronger when Gerphil Flores received a Golden Buzzer from the music icon, David Foster.

As we can see, Gerphil seems to be sincere when she said she is not mad at Kris Aquino and ABS-CBN for that matter. But is Kris really sincere to do an interview to Gerphil Flores? Did she only agree on the guesting of Gerphil to avoid bashers? Or will she only use the chance to defend herself for rejecting Gerphil?

Now, we think once Gerphil Flores arrives in the studio, Kris Aquino will personally greet her before the show starts. During the interview, we can assume that Kris will ask Gerphil if she hates her. Afterwards, we think that the controversial presidential sister will be humble enough to apologize to the classical singer.

What do you think?

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