Gerphil Flores ANC Headstart Interview, Sings ‘What a Wonderful World’, and More (Video)

Gerphil Flores ANC Headstart Karen Davila

Gerphil Flores and Karen Davila, Credit: ABS-CBN

Asia’s Got Talent second runner up Gerphil Flores was the special guest of ANC‘s Headstart this Friday, May 29, 2015. Hosted by Karen Davila, the 24-year old classical crossover singer answered some interesting questions. She also sang a couple of songs, including ‘La Vie En Rose’, a capella version.

During the interview, Gerphil (also known as ‘Fame’) said she has no ill feelings towards
Kris Aquino and Ai Ai delas Alas, especially when they rejected her during the ‘Pilipinas Got Talent’ semi-finals in 2010. She has said this many times, including in a recent TV5 interview and on Facebook.

“I never thought that this issue would open up again, na-resurrect siya. Sabi ko nga po sa media, wala naman akong sama ng loob for what happened. I was even thankful because I learned a lot during my journey in Pilipinas Got Talent and I know for them, bilang judges.” Gerphil Flores told Karen Davila.

The opera singer added that they (Kris and Ai-Ai) are entitled to their own opinions, noting that she accepted the fact that maybe; it was not yet her time. By the way, this ANC interview is in contrast with earlier false reports saying she is snubbing shows of ABS-CBN. She also appeared in ‘It’s Showtime’ last Wednesday.

Gerphil said she plans to have a concert here in the Philippines in abroad. But for now, she just wants to finish her music course at UP College of Music. She is now on her fifth year and will graduate this coming December. She is still tied with Asia’s Got Talent for 3 months, and is not yet allowed to accept any projects.

Nevertheless, Gerphil said she is a huge fan of Lea Salonga., and that she would love to follow her career path. She said she hopes to collaborate with the “Miss Saigon” star in a song or in an album. For male singers, she said she likes to work with Jed Madela. When the countertenor singer learned about this, he immediately tweeted, “I would love to do this. Gerphil’s voice is out of this world!”

Besides ‘What a Wonderful World,’ Gerphil Flores also sang ‘La Vie En Rose’, a capella version, “Impossible Dream” and an original song titled “What’s in your Love,” an acoustic song composed by two of her friends. This only proves how versatile Gerphil is as a classical crossover singer. Pure talent, indeed! 🙂

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