General Electric Buys Pinoy Invention Multi-Cooler Fan of Rodolfo Biescas (Video)

Rodolfo Biescas Multi Cooler Fan Pinoy invention

Rodolfo Biescas and his invention, multi-cooler fan; Credit: GMA-7 Unang Hirit

With summer now starting to be felt in the Philippines, the multi-cooler fan invention of Rodolfo Biescas could be a best-seller. But sad to say, the design was bought by General Electric (GE), the American multinational conglomerate corporation famously known for manufacturing home appliances including refrigerators.

Dubbed as the “aircon for the poor,” Rodolfo Biescas invented his multi-cooler fan in 1985 and is only one of his useful inventions. This unique product has been featured in local TV programs years ago, but it did not receive enough support from the government. This is why the Filipino inventor sold it to a foreign company.

“My product (multi-cooler fan) has been ignored by five presidents and local investors, so I had no choice. I sold the design not because of the money, but because I know it can help a lot of people especially the poor. Inventions should be used, not to stay inside the cabinet.” Rodolfo Biescas told TN in an exclusive interview.

“I think crab mentality is a very serious problem in our society, and it has been killing our country for a long time. We keep on telling on telling people to support local products. But if it attracts competition against huge companies, we ignore it or we destroy it.” The multi-awarded Filipino inventor added.

Biescas’ multi-cooler fan only needs some ice to operate, and it can already cool a room for around 8 hours. This unique device consumes power like an ordinary electric fan, but it produces cooler air almost like an air conditioner. It can also be used as a cooler for beverages, and is safe to use because it does not overheat.

As of posting, General Electric has not yet released an official statement about the negotiation. Nevertheless, a reliable source from the company told TN that the design of the Filipino inventor will be used in their future models of air conditioners. Mr. Biescas did not disclose the amount but says the price is reasonable enough.

Among the other great inventions of Rodolfo Biescas include the Super Flame Stove (Charwood Stove), Brickscoal (Charcoal Briquettes), Cosmic Pure (Water Purifier), SAPUN (Sanitary Disposal Toilet Seat Cover), Nature’s Air (Car and Room Ionizer), and IRONMATE Economizer (Energy Saving Device for Flat Iron).

A native of Bacacay, Albay, Rodolfo B. Biescas Sr. is the one of the founding members of the Filipino Multi-purpose Cooperative and is the current President of Filipino Inventors Society Inc. He established his own company, Econolux Enterprises in April 1992, and has received tons of prestigious awards for his inventions.

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