Floyd Mayweather to Visit the Philippines to Play Basketball With Manny Pacquiao in the PBA

Pacquiao Mayweather play basketball

Floyd Mayweather Jr is set to visit the Philippines and will play basketball with his boxing rival, Manny Pacquiao. The undefeated American boxing champion will be a special guest in one of the upcoming games of Kia Carnival in the PBA (Philippine Basketball Association), to promote their May 2 Mega Fight.

The announcement was made by Mayweather Promotions on Saturday, a day after Floyd himself announced that the much-awaited Pacquiao vs Mayweather fight will finally happen. This unexpected visit of Mayweather to the Philippines also aims to prove that the American boxer loves the Filipino people.

“He (Floyd Mayweather) was overwhelmed with the humility of the Filipino boxer when they first met. There was some kind of magic that made him decide to play basketball with Pacquiao in the Philippines.” Mayweather Promotions CEO Leonard Ellerbe said in a statement.

“We also hope that Floyd’s visit to the Philippines will not only please Filipino boxing and basketball fans, but the entire Philippines as well. We want to show them that Mayweather is not what they think he is. The Filipinos will definitely see the other side of him, that news don’t report that much.” Ellerbe added.

No further details were provided, but an insider from Mayweather Promotions said that the American pound-for-pound boxer plans to play for Kia Carnival, where Pacquiao is the playing coach. Peter John Ramos is the current Kia import, and Mayweather may replace him for several minutes in a game.

Apparently, the decision of Mayweather to play in the PBA came about after Floyd released a video of him playing basketball. The video was released on Thursday, a day after Manny Pacquiao made his first-ever PBA points during a game against Purefoods where Kia won with flying colors, 95-84.

In related news, the PBA slapped Purefoods Hotshots import Daniel Orton with the P250,000 fine right after their game on Wednesday. The said PBA import was upset with the result of the game and eventually commented that Pacquiao in the PBA is a joke. He will also be replaced by Denzel Bowles.

Meanwhile, the PBA 2014-2015 Commissioner’s Cup is still on its elimination round. So far, Pacquiao’s Kia is scheduled to go against Talk ‘N Text this Sunday night. Kia will also meet Blackwater Elite, Alaska Aces, NLEX Road Warriors, and Rain or Shine. Mayweather is expected to play in any of these games.

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