Floyd Mayweather to Sign Pacquiao-Mayweather Fight Contract in 3 Conditions

Pacquiao Mayweather 2015

Floyd Mayweather Jr. said he will fight Manny Pacquiao if and only if his three conditions will be followed. This is the latest announcement of the undefeated boxing champion when asked if he is still willing to sign the contract of the much-awaited Pacquiao-Mayweather fight.

According to a recent interview to Floyd Mayweather made by DJ Whoo Kid on his online program, ‘The Whoolywood Shuffle,’ the 37-year old American boxer said he does not want Top Rank Promotions CEO Bob Arum to be involved in his fight with Pacquiao.

“I’ve been saying this for a long time, Pacquiao has no say because he fights for Top Rank Promotions. He’s not in a position to call the shots right now. He’s not the A-side. I have Mayweather Promotions, it’s my company,” Mayweather said, adding that he is not blaming the Filipino boxing icon.

It should be noted that Bob Arum has been the promoter of Mayweather’s fight until 2006. However, the undefeated boxer filed a case against Arum, claiming that the boxing promoter had shortchanged him on his two fights, one in 2005 and the other in 2006. Mayweather paid $75,000 to get out from Arum’s contract.

Apparently, there are two more conditions that Floyd Mayweather before he finally agrees to fight Manny Pacquiao. According to sources inside the Mayweather Promotions, the Pacquiao vs Mayweather fight should have a rematch once Pacquiao wins against Mayweather.

For the third and final condition, the same source said that if Mayweather wins, Pacquiao will immediately retire from boxing and in politics as well. In short, Pacquiao should never run for any government position in any local election if he loses the fight.

Meanwhile, Alex Ariza, the former strengthening coach of Pacquiao and now works for Mayweather, attended the premiere release of “Manny,” the 2014 documentary film about Manny Pacquiao, in Los Angeles. In a short interview, Ariza said that the Pacquiao-Mayweather fight might not happen.

“Bob Arum has been the roadblock, he has deceived the people, he has lied to the people from the beginning. It is deceitful, it is dishonest and it is sad because Bob Arum has made millions out of the pockets of fans and so to blatantly lie to them I think it’s disgusting,” Alex Ariza said.

On the other hand, Arum dismissed the allegations of Ariza and said he is expecting Mayweather to sign the contract before the end of this week. For Manny Pacquiao, he said he is very much confident that the fight will happen on May 22, 2015, as demanded earlier by Floyd Mayweather.

“I can easily beat @FloydMayweather, I believe that. If you really care about the fans, you will fight. If you care about yourself, you won’t fight,” Manny Pacquiao (@MannyPacquiao) tweeted this Wednesday, while he is in Los Angeles. He will also be among the judges in the upcoming 2015 Miss Universe beauty pageant.

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