First Dogface Dolphin to be added at Ocean Adventure Subic

Dogface dolphin Ocean Adventure

A so-called dogface dolphin will be added in the dolphin show at the Ocean Adventure in Subic Bay, Philippines this Christmas season. This real-life hybrid animal is the first of its kind, and is a product of years of experiments in a secret laboratory near Cardigan Bay, around 200 miles from London.

In May 1985, Kekaimalu became the first wholphin in the US, and is now one of the attractions at Sea Life Park in Hawaii. A wholphin is a very rare hybrid animal whose parents are a male false killer whale named Tanui Hahai and a female bottlenose dolphin named Punahele.

For the first ever dogface dolphin in the world, its mother is also a bottlenose dolphin from Cardigan Bay and its father is a bernese mountain dog from Switzerland. As of posting, this latest hybrid animal has no official scientific name yet. For now, scientists call him Douglas.

But while Kekaimalu is a product of normal mating, Douglas was created through In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). In this process, an egg is being fertilized by sperm outside the body. The first successful experiment to humans is Louise Brown (the first test tube baby), born on July 25, 1978.

For animals, this is the very first time that a mixture of a dog and a dolphin has been developed into a full organism. As listed in Wikipedia, some of the documented cases of hybrid animals are: zebroid (zebra and donkey), ligers (lion and tiger), and hinny (male horse and female donkey).

“We must remember that dolphins are mammals, not fish. We also know that dogs love to swim on their own and are even good friends with dolphins. These are the main reasons why we were inspired to create such adorable creature.” Veterinary scientist Dr. Hernando Morris, who led the team, said.

“We are overwhelmed of the success of this latest breakthrough in science.” Dr. Morris added, who graduated from Oxford University. He said his mother is a Filipina from Olongapo City, and this is why he chose Ocean Adventure in Subic to be the first temporary home for the dogface dolphin.

“Although I have never been in the Philippines before, I know for sure that Filipinos are animal lovers. Through this simple contribution to their country, I honestly believe that this will help a lot in promoting tourism.” He explained further, noting that everything has been set to bring the dogface dolphin to Subic for the dolphin show.

For the possible additional Ocean Adventure entrance fee this Christmas season, there is no formal announcement yet from the management. However, an insider told us that if the price shall increase because of the arrival of the first dogface dolphin, it will still be as affordable as possible.

“Despite the fact that the public is willing to pay more just to see Douglas, we will not take advantage of the situation. Our main purpose here is for them to enjoy a very rare experience of a lifetime.” The insider said, adding that a team of British veterinary scientists will arrive to assist them.

But as expected, not everybody is excited. This early, the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) announced its strong opposition against the coming of the rare sea animal. In a released statement, they condemned the scientists for “playing God” and “inventing” new animal species.

“As a human and a Christian, we think that the idea is totally unacceptable. Based on the photo alone, you can see the sadness in the eyes of the poor dogface dolphin. Who are we to decide which kind of being we should be? We will do everything to stop Douglas from coming here.” PAWS said in an email sent to us.

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