Filipino Teenage Student Proposes Marriage to Classmate Inside the School Campus (Video)

Filipino teen student John Angelo Calautit marriage proposal to Xyza

A Filipino teen student proposed marriage to his classmate inside their school campus, in front of huge crowd of other students. The very young couple was identified as John Angelo Calautit and Xyza. Some people said they are still in elementary, but the video below shows that they are more likely in high school.

As you can see, Xyza is first being blindfolded and was guided by her fellow students until she reached the chosen spot inside the campus. You can hear the screaming of the other students on the background as they follow her getting closer to the area. The young girl then removed the blindfold and started to cry.

You can also hear one of her classmates telling Xyza that it’s only Ok. Then, the screaming becomes unbearable when John Angelo appeared and bringing some flowers. The young knight in shining armor, who was wearing his school ID, came closer to his surprised sweetheart and gave the flowers to her.

Xyza can be seen covering her face, as John Angelo signals the wild crowd to be silent. He removed the handkerchief on her face and arranged her hair. After the surrounding students paused their throats from screaming, the teen male student shouted how much he love his classmate, and the crowd gets wild again.

Although John Angelo’s voice was not that audible, he can be somehow heard saying that their relationship has been into many hardships including jealousy and fighting. Then, he got a box from his pocket containing their “engagement ring.” He knelt down and popped out the most romantic question a woman can ever hear.

You cannot hear Xyza saying, “Yes” but you can see her nodding her head. John Angelo stood up and put the engagement ring on her finger, followed by a necklace. Despite the surprise and embarrassment, you can see the huge smile and excitement on her face. The couple did not kiss, but made a nose-to-nose instead.

The scene made the crowd scream at the top of their lungs. And just any ordinary marriage proposals made publicly, John Angelo and Xyza were congratulated by their friends. The young girl was absolutely speechless but still, you can see the happiness on her face. No wedding plans were revealed, though.

As of this posting, the original source of the video is not yet known, but it first went viral on Facebook. The date of this so-called Bagito marriage proposal is also not known, as well as the name of the school and where it is located. It is also not clear if the scene is for real or part of the fun in their school activities.

But maybe the Department of Education (DepEd) can watch this scary video and help the public know what really happened. And of course, we would also love to hear the side of the school administration and the parents of John Angelo and Xyza. We just hope their next video is not their wedding. Not this early, please.

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