Filipino Singing Security Guard Sings ‘Back at One,’ Brian McKnight Impressed

Singing security guard Jagspher Flores

A Filipino singing security guard named Jagspher Flores (Garry Japeth Flores) is now going viral. This is not because of his job but because of his talent in singing. Late last week, his video while singing Brian McKnight’s “Back at One” was uploaded on Facebook. Even Brian McKnight himself is very impressed.

The original video was first uploaded on his own Facebook page on December 10, 2014, with the caption, “Back at one! The uncut album.” On Thursday, January 15, the same video was uploaded on the official page of Davao Eagle Online, a group that aims to bring Davao talents to spotlight.

On his video, Flores, a security guard from Davao City, can be seen inside a warehouse and wearing complete uniform with matching sunglasses. He started singing “Back at One” A capella or without any instrumental music. His voice captured the hearts of thousands of Facebook users and received tons of wonderful comments.

Since then, it was shared on other Facebook pages and was reported on local blogs. Jagspher Flores was also interviewed in various local stations. GMA Network reported about his amazing singing skills, and his story will be featured on “Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho,” to be aired this coming Sunday, January 25.

According to interviews, Garry Japeth Flores lives in Buhangin, Davao City and working as a security guard at Gaisano Mall of Davao (GMALL) in Bajada, also in Davao City. On a video posted at the Facebook page of iFM 93.9 Davao, Flores sings Brian McKnight’s “One Last Cry” A capella style.

Due to the popularity of the video of Jagspher Flores, it reached the knowledge of Brian McKnight, the American singer who wrote and originally sung “Back at One” for his triple platinum album with the same title. On the other hand, “One Last Cry” is his debut single from his self-titled album released in 1999.

“Wow! Jagspher (Flores) is truly amazing! Where were you while I was performing in Manila? Wish we can sing together one time.” Brian McKnight (@ItsBMcKnight) tweeted, along with a YouTube video of the Pinoy singing sensation.

Being a multi-Grammy nominated singer, Brian McKnight has already performed in the Philippines for four times and was well-loved by the Filipino audience. His last concert in the country was in 2012 which was held at the Smart Araneta Coliseum.

Meanwhile, a lot of netizens forwarded Flores’ video to Ellen DeGeneres and requested her to invite him on her show. Although there is still no response from Ellen, the TV host is known for inviting talented Filipino singers to perform on her show.

The latest Pinoy singer Ellen DeGeneres invited was JB Naganio (Jouver Nagano), who sang ‘Stand up for Love’ with a very powerful voice. He was shown in a video singing while he was relaxed, sitting, and drinking with his friends in Nueva Ecija last Christmas Day.

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