Filipino Movie Director Rants on Pope Francis PH Visit Statement, Apologizes

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Filipino movie director Ejay Yan allegedly rants on the statement of Pope Francis before he arrived in the Philippines on Thursday, January 15, for a 5-day visit. But because of the negative comments he received from local netizens, the Pinoy indie movie director made a public apology.

In an earlier statement by Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle during a forum in Manila, he said that Pope Francis is very aware that Filipinos are excited about his visit. However, the Archbishop of Manila stressed out that the Holy Father wishes that the Filipino people will “focus on Jesus, not me.”

But on Wednesday, a Facebook post by a user named Ejay BigBear went viral. The post is in Filipino language but if translated to English, the movie director said that the Pope Francis PH visit has disturbed payroll schedules because of the holiday declared by President Noynoy Aquino.

In addition, Ejay pointed out that the preparation for the pope’s arrival caused heavy traffic jams especially in Manila after some major roads were closed. But worst of all, the movie director said that despite all the spending of the Philippine government and Vatican, the focus is not on Pope Francis.

“Kung hindi nga ikaw, eh dapat nagmisa ka na lang sa Skype at nang di kami lahat nabulilyaso dito. Matagal nang pokus ng sangkatauhan ang panginoon nila dito…pupunta punta ka dito daig mo pa ang Diyos na bumaba galling sa langit, natural pagkakaguluhan ka.” The Facebook post said.

(If you will not be focus, you should have held the mass via Skype so all of us won’t be disturbed. The people here has been focusing on their God a long time ago…you will come here like a God coming down from heaven, it’s normal that you will attract a huge crowd.)

The Ejay BigBear Facebook profile was eventually deleted, but some netizens were able to save a screenshot and spread it on the social site. According to some Facebook users, the said profile page was created just hours before the post was published, and could have been made just to attract attention.

Local netizens could not find any information about Ejay BigBear, except that his real name is Ejay Yan, a movie director of FILmO Media Productions. Another Facebook account with the same name was created on Thursday, but it is only made to take back on the indie movie director.

But this Saturday morning, a Twitter account (@Direk_EJ) surfaced online with was believed to be owned by the real Ejay Yan. The said account has also been deleted, but the last tweet contained an apology to Pope Francis and to all Filipinos.

“I am very sorry to Pope Francis and to all Filipino Catholics. I did not write that Facebook post, and will never ever do that to anyone.” Ejay Yan (@Direk_EJ) tweeted, not explaining further on what happened to his Facebook account.

As of 2:30 pm today, Saturday, January 17, Pope Francis has returned to Manila via Philippine Airlines. Earlier today, he conducted a mass in Tacloban airport for the victims of Typhoon Yolanda. However, his trip was cut short due to the approaching storm in the area.

Pope Francis is set to hold a concluding mass on Sunday, January 18 at the Quirino Grandstand in Rizal (Luneta) Park, where around 6 million attendees are being expected. The Holy Father is set to leave the Philippines on Monday to return to Rome.

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