Filipino Job Applicant Not Hired as OFW Over his Blog Post Comment

TESDA OFW blog comment

A Filipino applying for a job abroad was not hired after the employer read his blog post comment. This is despite the fact that he has complete documents and is qualified for the job. The applicant also passed the free online course from the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA).

According to an official of the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA), Nilo (not his real name) complained at the POEA office in Mandaluyong City late last week. The complainant said he applied for the job in Dubai as a room attendant in the middle of December last year.

“Nagpakahirap ako mag-aral araw at gabi para lang makapasa sa TESDA online course na yun, at pumasa ako. Kompleto naman ang requirements ko. Tapos, sasabihin nila sakin na di ako qualified dahil lang sa comment ko sa isang blog. Unfair naman at yun.” Nilo told TN in a very short interview.

(I studied hard day and night for that TESDA online course, and I passed. I have completed all the requirements. Then, they will tell me that I am not qualified just because of a single blog comment. I think that’s unfair.)

“Yes, it’s true that Nilo has all the necessary documents and credentials. In fact, the employer even told him to take the necessary medical exam so he can start working in Dubai in February. He is supposed to leave the country before the end of January” POEA desk officer Antonino Guinigundo said.

“However, a staff of the employer was asked to check his name in the Internet to find out if he has personal details online. It didn’t take long that they saw his blog comment and decided not to hire him. The employer told him that he was not pleased with his reaction.” Guinigundo added.

It was later learned that sometime in 2014; Nilo searched for some jobs online and found a blog post about the free TESDA online course. The blog contains complete information (including the available courses) on how to enroll and to study online anytime and anywhere as long as there is an Internet connection.

Based on Nilo’s blog comment, he is from Caloocan and that he is interested in the offered course for room attendants (housekeeping). He later asked where he could enroll and if the course is for free. Nilo also asked how much is the tuition fee in case there is.

The blog owner, who requested not be identified, replied to his comment, telling him to read his entire blog post. Some blog commentators said it is obvious that Nilo commented without reading the blog post carefully. They even questioned how Nilo can pass the online course if he cannot understand simple instructions.

The blog post is in English but has very simple grammar and is short enough for Filipino readers. It also has huge pictures that explain the step-by-step procedure on how to enroll. One of the photos has a phrase with big, red letters, “Libre na Mag-aral sa TESDA online.”

Apparently, the blog post has tons of comments asking similar questions and the blogger patiently replied to some of them, telling them to read the article carefully. Nevertheless, some TESDA applicants seem to ignore him and continue to ask information despite the fact that the post has complete details.

As of posting, Nilo is applying for another job abroad but hoping that the earlier employer could still consider his application. Guinigundo said that it should be lesson for all Internet users especially Filipinos applying for a job abroad, noting that many employers are not only after the skills but also after the “common sense” of the applicants as well as their willingness in reading simple instructions.

“Sad to say, we are also receiving tons of similar comments on our Facebook page. I cannot understand why it seems to be hard for some Filipinos to visit our news updates so they can read the full details before they comment. Then, they get angry if we don’t reply to them.” The POEA officer told TN.

Moral lesson: Read the full story before you comment.

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