Filipino-Chinese Store Owner Humiliates Customer in Public, Accuses Her of Stealing (Video)

Chinese store owner humiliates customer

A Filipino-Chinese store owner was caught on video humiliating a female customer, accusing her of stealing. According to the unidentified netizen who uploaded the video on Facebook, the untoward incident happened inside the Tiongsan Super Saiyan textile store, Luna St., Baguio City, near Session Road and University of Baguio (UB).

“Nasa likod kami nung babae at magbabayad na…. Nung nasa cashier na kami, tinanong ng saleslady kung ilang yards ang kinuha nya. Ang sagot nya is 15. Then ang sabi ng saleslady na ipasukat ulit. After mga 5 mins, sabi nung babae na 23 pala yung sukat.” A caption reads on the video.

(We were at the back of the female customer, and we’re about to pay…When we were in front of the cashier, the saleslady asked her how many yards did she get. Her answer was 15. Then, the saleslady asked a store staff to measure the item again. After around 5 mins, the saleslady said that the actual measurement is 23.)

As you can see on the video below, the store owner started to yell when he learned that about this. He insisted that the customer removed the paper with 23 written on it and accused her of stealing, which the latter denied and said that what she asked to cut is 15 and 23. Then, the rude store owner threatened her, pulled her and told her that he will bring her to the police.

The poor customer then started to cry while being humiliated in front of other customers. She said she will instead cancel her order, but the store owner said she needs to pay for the items 10 times its prize because the cloth has been cut, and continues to shout and curse at her. You can also hear a male store staff telling the customer to pay for the cloth.

As of posting, it is not clear as to whether who made the mistake or the woman is really a thief. But judging from the comments on Facebook and YouTube by netizens from Baguio City, this is not the first time that the said owner of Tiongsan Super Saiyan has humiliated his customers. In fact, some of them said he is also humiliating his staff in front of customers.

Nevertheless, we strongly believe that the store owner has no right to shout and humiliate his customers. If he really has a strong evidence against them, then he should call the police and let them conduct a thorough investigation. And yes, we think that Baguio City Mayor Mauricio Domogan should watch this video and make the necessary action immediately.

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