Filipino-Chinese Business Group to Teach OFWs, Families About Successful Business Management

A huge Filipino-Chinese business group will teach Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) and their families on how to have a successful business. This is after President Rodrigo Duterte met with Chinese President Xi Jinping, and other top Chinese government officials during his 4-day visit to China. He brought home a total of $24 billion of investment and loans.

This Tuesday, October 26, President Duterte started his three-day visit to Japan. Speaking before the Filipino community in Tokyo, the president reiterated his earlier promise that he will work very hard to improve the country’s economy. He said his dream is for OFWs today to be last ones to work abroad, so that Filipino families will always be together.

And as part of the improving relationship between China and Philippines, the Association of Filipino-Chinese Businessmen (AFCB) is set to share successful business tips and tricks to returning OFWs, as well as their families. The group will immediately coordinate with various government agencies and LGUs for the schedule of training and seminars.

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“Generally speaking, Filipinos are talented and patient people. But sad to say, only a few of them are inclined to engage in business. There is nothing wrong of dreaming to become a professional to have a big salary, but being an entrepreneur could be a better way. After all, almost every Filipino likes to be one.” AFCB Chairman Rafael Tan said in a statement.

“I therefore think that it is time for Filipinos to somehow change their mind set. They should realize that having a successful business is not just about investing money, but how to manage it properly. The key here is to how to convert their passion on something into a fast-growing business. Honestly speaking, business strategies are endless.” He added.

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As of posting, AFCB is preparing the modules and making sure that ordinary Filipinos can easily understand them. And because it will be a joint-project between the group and the Duterte government, the training and seminars will be free of charge, and application will be simple and easy. They will be held in major cities and far provinces across the country.



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