Filipino Architect Helps Design Skyscraper That Casts No Shadow

No Shadow Tower Skyscraper concept

A Pinoy architect is now joining an international team of architects to design something nearly impossible and has never been done yet – a tower or skyscraper that casts no shadow. Once this ambitious project becomes a reality, the ‘no shadow tower’ will solve problems of tall skyscrapers blocking the sunlight.

NBBJ, a global architecture and design firm founded in 1943, recently hired world-famous Filipino architect Rafael Nelson Aboganda to join its team to design the ‘no shadow skyscraper,” which will be built in Greenwich, England. As of posting, no official date was released as to when the construction will start.

Nevertheless, the tower will cast no shadow is based on the theory of building two precisely aligned structures with one of them to act like a mirror to reflect the light of the other one. With this principle, more sunlight will be able to reach the people on the ground level.

“You can’t remove the shadow from one building. But if you have two buildings, one to the north and one to the south, you could form the building to the north to act like a mirror that would reflect the light in complete sequence to track the shadow from the south.” NBBJ London design director Christian Coop said in a statement.

“The relationship between the sun and shadow is the relationship between the two buildings. The design ensures that the area between the towers is bright and pleasant, so is more likely to be used as a public space.” Coop added, noting the company is happy to have one Filipino architect in their team.

The ‘no shadow tower’ was designed using the design software called Rhinoceros, where several tests were made until nearly 60 percent of the shadow has been reduced. Although the first design was specifically completed for the upcoming tower in London, Mr. Coop said the same software can be used in other projects.

Once the first no shadow skyscraper project has been successful, the Rhinoceros software is expected to be used in other cities around world. NBBJ, which also designed numerous buildings for Google, noted that developing countries like India, China and the Philippines can also benefit from this design someday.

Meanwhile, Rafael Nelson Aboganda has not yet commented on his participation on this ‘no shadow tower’ project. Aboganda is an inventor from Nagcarlan, Laguna and is best known for designing the impossible stairway called Escherian Stairwell at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) in 1968.



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