Filipina Wife of American Silently Bullied in Japan, But Takes it Calmly

Ada Wilkinson Japan

Ada Wilkinson and husband Eric in Japan, Photo courtesy of Ada Wilkinson

Without a doubt, Japan is one of the most loved countries by tourists. For Filipinos, applying for a tourist visa in Japan is not really that difficult. In fact, the Philippines’ DFA (Department of Foreign Affairs) recently announced that a visa-free entry policy to Japan for Filipinos is likely to be implemented this 2015.

But of course, living in a country with a different language and culture can sometimes be a problem. Not to mention, if the views of their people about your country is somehow not pleasant. This is what happened to Ada Wilkinson, a Filipina who has been staying in Japan for over a year with her American husband.

In her blog post dated March 19, 2015, Ada recalls one particular incident around two weeks ago when she was “silently bullied” and made her feel uncomfortable. According to her, she and her US Navy husband, Eric planned to have a dinner at Yakiniku Restaurant in Kanagawa, which is around 40-minute drive from Tokyo.

But as they were enjoying their food, two foreigner men and two Japanese women arrived and passed by their table. Of the two couples, the men went straight to their tables but the Japanese women made a mocking look at Ada. Then, she noticed that they looked at each other and laughed together.

Although Ada felt insulted, she did not tell it to her husband and tried to forget the incident. But because similar incidents have also happened to her in the past, Ada could not help but to voice out her theories on why some Japanese woman make such indecent actions against her, or to other Filipinas with a foreigner husband.

To Ada’s mind, there are three major possible scenarios why this is happening. First, some Japanese women think that Filipinas first met their foreigner husband in a bar or a nightclub. While this is true to some couples, it’s unfair to say that all Filipino women are like that. As for Ada, she said she first met her husband online.

Ada’s second theory is that some Japanese husbands left their Japanese wives in exchange of a Filipina. Her third theory is probably the worst – Japanese women think that Filipina women marry a foreigner because they are after their money. Again, this can be true to some but definitely not to everyone.

“As mentioned in my Disclaimer, I’m not saying that all Japanese women hate Filipino women. In fact, this can happen to other countries including the Philippines. As a tourist, the best thing we can do is to be tolerant and adapt to their culture. I love Japan, and I wish I could stay here longer.” Ada Wilkinson told TN.

“There could be other issues why these things happen. It’s safe to conclude that being a tourist anywhere is very challenging. So before you decide to stay in a foreign country, prepare yourself for anything.” The English teacher added. Ada has been blogging about her travel experiences since 2004.

Bullying is a huge problem everywhere, even online. One does need to physically hurt someone or say a word to bully. A mere look from head to toe can be considered as bullying. Filipinos are known tough in times when they need to. But generally speaking, Filipinos are very friendly and easy to be with.

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