Filipina Customer Discovers Huge Bolt Inside Wendy’s Hamburger During First Bite

Bolt inside Wendys sandwich Philippines

Credit: Angelica Gaviola Facebook

A Filipina customer said she found a huge bolt inside her Wendy’s hamburger. As evidence, she posted photos on her Facebook page on Friday, March 20, 2015. According to Angelica Gaviola, the contaminated hamburger was bought from Wendy’s Festival Supermall in Alabang, Muntinlupa City.

“I’ve never complained if I ever find something in my food. Like a hair or even a sponge from a milk tea. But this is just the worst that I’ve encountered. This is unexplainable! And to think it was my first bite! It was a huge bolt by the way.” Angelica Gaviola wrote on her Facebook page.

“How do you even land a thing like that while making a burger???! What will you do if my teeth were that fragile?! You are the worst fast food ever. Do you even practice proper handling of food?” The pissed off customer added, noting later that it was bought by her aunt as a take home present for her.

Ms. Gaviola did not mention the size of the bolt, but it is likely to be a ¾-inch bolt. Nevertheless, she said on her reply to comments that the two photos were taken using an iPhone in different angles. In a separate reply, Angelica stressed out that there is a hole in the middle with the actual size of the bolt.

Based on the photo, the bite is just enough for Gaviola’s teeth to touch the bolt. However, she said she thinks that even if she bit a small part, the bolt is huge enough to come out. One commentator suggested that she file a complaint at BFAD (Bureau of Food and Drugs), while another one said she should have her teeth checked.

Angelica Gaviola tagged Wendy’s Philippines Facebook page, which commented on her post. According to the food chain, they are now communicating with her and that the case is under through investigation. Wendy’s Philippines noted that they will be releasing updates regarding this issue.

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