Watch: Female MMA Fighter Beats up Riding-in-Tandem Robber, Thief Cries for Help (Video)

MMA Fighter vs thief Brazil

A female MMA fighter was her way for her jiu-jitsu training with two friends, when a riding-in-tandem thieves attacked them and asked for her mobile phone. But because of her presence of mind and great skills, Monique Bastos quickly fight back and put one of them down. The video below shows the pain of the thief, crying in pain and asking for mercy.

According to Brazilian news site Go Tropa, the incident took place this Tuesday night, September 1 in Acailandia, Brazil. The suspect was identified as Wesley Sousa de Araujoin, 18 years old. And yes, the suspect was still locked in a triangle choke with the legs of Ms. Bastos around his neck when local police arrived at the scene, around 15 minutes later.

“Daddy, daddy, call the police, daddy. Help, Jesus! It was the first time I did it, sir. It was the first time I did it,” The suspect can heard screaming, as he begs the MMA fighter to release her and asked the onlookers to call the police quickly. An onlooker captured every detail of his agony on video, which has been spread on social media and reported in various news sites.

“I tried to hold my phone, and I realized they were not armed. When they tried to escape, I lifted the rear wheel of the bike and they fell on the ground. The guy who took my phone ran away, but I was able to get the other one.” Monique Bastos told about the incident. The 23-year old MMA fighter said that this is her second time fighting against a thief.

In an interview, the suspect admitted that he didn’t expect that their target victim would be Monique Bastos, who so far has six professional MMA fights under the Flyweight division. Meanwhile, local authorities are still looking for the second riding-in-tandem suspect. We are quite sure that he’s now hiding as far as he can.