Faulkerson Home Gets Robbed, but What Alden Richards did is Truly Amazing

The home of Alden Richards (Richard Faulkerson, Jr in real life) was robbed. And although no one was hurt, the robbers took away some money and important gadgets owned by Alden’s older brother. And yes, the Pambansang Bae did something truly amazing that you don’t imagine him doing it. The story was shared by Richard Faulkerson Sr., Alden’s father on his Twitter account.

This Saturday, December 5, 2015, while AlDub Nation is very busy watching Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza (aka Yaya Dub) enjoying their date at Enchanted Kingdom in Sta. Rosa, Laguna, Richard Faulkerson Sr. (@R_FAULKERSoN) retweeted a tweet by ALDUB|MAIDEN BULACAN (@maiden16_bu), revealing the details when the Faulkerson’s home got robbed.

Below is the full context of the text, in which many believe that the story happened between 2012 and 2013 when the Faulkerson stayed in Novaliches. We at TN searched Google and social media, and found the same statements at KFG (Hub) Kapuso Global Friends Facebook community page posted on February 22, 2013, more than 2 years before AlDub was born.

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Faulkerson home Alden Richards father tweet

Credit: Richard Faulkerson Sr. Twitter

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“Richard Faulkerson Sr. I just wanted to share this with you guys: A burglar attacked a house between 12am to 2:am and took 25K cash and a cellphone of a 23 year-old guy and some other valuable items. The guy cried a lot because he saved that money and that was his only money left.

The cellphone was just bought 2 months ago after the first one was stolen. He was with his father a younger brother and sister at that time. His father and his younger brother comforted him while crying and felt bad about it. Suddenly, his younger brother went in his room then went out after a minute or so.

The younger brother approached his elder brother and said “kuya wag ka na umiyak eto ang 30K eto meron pa akong extra cellphone okay lang yan”. What a nice gesture coming from a younger brother and that is no other than “ALDEN RICHARD” GOD BLESS YOU MY SON!”

This only shows that Alden is not only humble; he is also very compassionate to his family and will do everything for them. As far as the phenomenal AlDub love team is concern, we can assume that Alden is still the same person he used to be. With Maine Mendoza also staying humble despite her extreme popularity, we think AlDub will be a wonderful real-life couple. 🙂

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