Facebook to Suspend 2,600 Filipino Accounts for Violating Posting Ethics

FB Filipino insulting comments

Credit: Facebook

Facebook is set to suspend around 2,600 Filipino users after they were confirmed to have violated the Posting Ethics. The announcement was made this Monday, as part of their action to maintain the social network as a credible medium to share information and to express beliefs and opinions.

“It is very unfortunate that we have to do this. However, we think that this is necessary to prevent spreading of wrong information and to avoid hatred among Filipinos.” Don Davidson, Facebook Head of Security and Ethics Division, wrote on the Facebook Newsroom this Monday.

They (Pinoys) are known to be very humble, polite, and happy people. However, it seems that the current political and social issues are slowly dividing them. For this reason, Facebook is doing its part to promote peace and harmony in all our valued users.” Davidson added.

The social network said it has received tons of complaints from users around the world complaining about the unethical activities of other users. They are separate from the complaints to Facebook about spreading of spam messages, inappropriate content, and virus attack.

Facebook emphasized that there are other nationalities such as Americans, British, Indians, and other Asians who will be suspended due to almost similar reasons. However, Filipinos contributed the highest number of complaints. Here are the three main Posting Ethics that many Filipinos have been violating:

* Editing of News Headlines

According to Facebook, the issue of the fallen 44 SAF members was used by some irresponsible Filipino Facebook users and changed the headline of the news to trigger public anger. Apparently, many Pinoy users read only the headlines instead of visiting the news site and read the entire report. And because of this, affected personalities receive harsh comments and credibility of news sites is damaged.

* Insulting politicians, personalities and fellow members

Facebook stressed out that freedom of expression in the Philippines is now being abused in social media. Although the social network respects the opinion of everyone, it said that it is unethical to insult a person by name calling and making fun with their photos. Some users also use harsh words when replying to comments. This usually happens in Private Groups that are against a particular person.

* Commenting without reading the entire news

Tons of Pinoy users post their comments on Facebook without reading first the entire news report. Because of this, some smart users edit the headlines to mislead the public. The social network said that there are comments posted just to ignite negative reactions, instead of pacifying the haters. Facebook advises everyone to be resourceful and not to be lazy when it comes to reading news reports.

Facebook said the suspension of these accounts will start this week. Affected users will receive a warning message before they can sign in. They will be asked to read the Posting Ethics and to confirm if they really read and understood it. Most suspended accounts will be allowed to sign in again after thirty (30) days, while some of them will be disabled permanently depending on the gravity of the violation.

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