Eraserheads Music is Garbage, Bamboo Most Overrated Vocalist, Filipino Songwriter Says

Eraserheads music garbage Bamboo overrated

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The music of Eraserheads is garbage and singer Bamboo is the most overrated vocalist of all time. This is according to a Filipino songwriter and published author who writes under the name of Juan Bautista. He made his strong comments against the two local music icons on his blog post on February 22, 2015.

On the first part of his blog post titled, ““Indie, & the Famous, Rich and Respected Musicians of OPM”, Bautista expressed his admiration towards local artists. He even made a special mention to Lea Salonga, who won the Best Actress in the Tony Awards for her superb performance as Kim on Miss Saigon musical in 1991.

On the middle part, Bautista categorized the Filipino musicians based on his opinion – the famous, the rich (well-connected) and the respected. For the first category, the writer mentioned the pros and cons of being a famous musician. He emphasized privacy as a common problem among famous artists.

For rich OPM (Original Pilipino Music) musicians whom Bautista also described as “well-connected,” here is what he wrote:

“Eraserheads’ music is garbage and Bamboo is the most overrated vocalist of all time. Why the hell are they popular? What’s wrong with this country? We are better than this, so Markus Adoro have an Epiphone? F*ck that I will buy a Gibson Les Paul Custom tomorrow.”

“My mom has a ballroom amiga who’s a former General Manager of one of the top recording companies in the country. We’ll get a slot. Let’s make a Music Video nextweek and guest what? We will feature that young actress from ABS-CBN. Believe me, her Manager is my Aunty…” Bautista added.

Despite not mentioning the name of Anne Curtis, it’s likely that Bautista is referring to her. Nevertheless, it’s known that Veronique del Rosario-Corpus is the actress-singer’s talent manager. Incidentally, Ms. Corpus is also the President and COO of VIVA Artists Agency.

Meanwhile, Juan Bautista wrote that the respected local musicians are those who are not just music lovers but are being respected by their fellow artists. He stressed out that it takes years and even decades to become a respected musician, and that most of them are not rich people but very influential.

On the last part of his blog post, Bautista said that a true OPM lover does not get copies of songs from a friend’s MP3 music list. Instead, he suggests buying them from legitimate music stores only so musicians and producers can make money. And yes, piracy is a major reason why OPM has declined.

Based on his About page, Juan Bautista’s real name is Rom Jason Zipagan Bautista. He is from Montalban, Rizal, and is based in Doha, Qatar where he works as a Web & Graphic Designer. He was once the song-writer and guitarist for Power Metal band from 1999 until it was disbanded in 2005.

Besides writing short stories on his blog, Juan Bautista is a novelist and has published “Red Manila Stories,” a novel he wrote in Filipino. He said he is now writing his second novel, also written in Filipino. He added that his novel, “Hector” is set for release soon.

As of posting, Ely Buendia and the rest of Eraserheads have not commented on Juan Bautista’s observations. TN is now trying to reach singer Bamboo and Anne Curtis to ask their reactions on this issue.

Update March 1, 2015 5:50 p.m: The earlier sentence “Despite not mentioning the name of Anne Curtis, it’s crystal clear likely that Bautista is referring to her” was changed to “Despite not mentioning the name of Anne Curtis, it’s likely that Bautista….” This is avoid misinformation and to emphasize that the said sentence is only the opinion of TN.

TN is inviting Juan Bautista to leave his comments below to further explain his side on this issue. We also discourage negative comments against Mr. Bautista.

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