Emgoldex Scam News Report by ABS-CBN Triggers Reactions from OFW Members (Video)

Emgoldex scam news report Bandila ABS-CBN

Many OFW members of Emgoldex Philippines reacted when they saw the YouTube video of ABS-CBN’s ‘Bandila’ reporting that the networking company continues to attract new members in spite of the allegations that Emgoldex is a scam. One of them even urges its members to ban subscription from ABS-CBN.

As you can see watch on the video below which was uploaded on Thursday, May 7, 2015, ‘Bandila’ Karen Davila news anchor reported the headline, “Reklamo vs Emgoldex,” (Complain vs Emgoldex) and mentioned that the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has already declared the investment scheme as scam.

Davila later introduced news reporter Zen Hernandez to provide more details on the report. In her report, Hernandez said that new Emgoldex members are pouring in. This is even after the SEC released a security advisory to the public last February, stating that Emgoldex is not registered at their office as a company.

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Hernandez reported the claim of Emgoldex Philippines members that investors can earn from their one-time investment of P36,500 the amount of P180,000 in three months, as long as they can invite two members who should invest the same amount. The profit amount was said to be equivalent to 15 grams of gold.

Later, the news reporter said that a certain Edgar (not his real name) claimed that he has been victim of the alleged Emgoldex scam. The said OFW from South Korea reportedly invested P36,500 but did not receive the P180,000 after three months. He said his upline has returned to the Philippines, but nowhere to be found.

Hernandez also reported that according the SEC, there are other OFWs (particularly from Canada and Taiwan) who have already complained to their office about having the same bad experience from Emgoldex members. However, many of these complainants were reportedly afraid to reveal their identities and fear for their lives. SEC Enforcement Investor Protection director Jose Aquino agrees that Emgoldex is a scam.

The SEC and NBI are now joining hands in conducting a deep investigation on this matter. The alleged Emgoldex scam is now being considered as a violation of cybercrime law, because new members are invited via Facebook. However, some Emgoldex members reacted through comments on the YouTube video.

In line with this Bandila news report, tons of Emgoldex members who claimed they are earning good money from the investment scheme posted their reaction. Some of them said the ABS-CBN report is one-sided, and questioned why Edgar was not able to get his money despite the fact that he has username and password.

Other commentators said Edgar might be a “paid actor” sent by other networking companies to destroy the reputation of Emgoldex. To prove that Emgoldex is not scam and many members are really earning P180,000, a commentator challenged ABS-CBN to also interview OFWs with success stories from Emgoldex.

A certain Bong Mateo urged his fellow Emgoldex OFW members to ban subscription of ABS-CBN for at least one month. This is to show their strong objection of this report from Bandila, which they claim as with no basis at all. He said that as of this time, there is not even one official complaint filed against Emgoldex.


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