Ellen DeGeneres Plans to Visit Philippines to Interview President Duterte?

Ellen DeGeneres is planning to visit the Philippines to interview no less than President Rodrigo Duterte. Apparently, this is what the famous American TV host appears to be saying in her latest tweet to her nearly 63 million Twitter followers. As we all know, Ellen loves to interview controversial and interesting people on her Ellen DeGeneres Show.

“I really want to interview this very controversial guy. But because he doesnt want to come here, I plan to visit his place soon. Can I?” Ellen DeGeneres tweeted this Thursday, October 27. She did mention President Duterte’s name, but many netizens believe that she was referring to him. It also appears that she is asking permission from the Filipinos.

President Duterte, who is now in his 3-day visit to Japan, has been criticizing the US, especially President Barack Obama. In one of his recent speeches, he even told President Obama to go to hell. He also announced his separation from the US. However, Duterte clarified that he just want to implement an independent foreign policy for the Philippines.


So far, President Obama has been silent about President Duterte’s remarks against the US. Last month, US Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton said that Duterte should respect to Obama. On the other hand, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump recently blamed Obama for the current cold relationship between US and the Philippines.

In an interview, President Duterte said that he could not publicly announced his choice between Clinton and Trump. And although he said he wanted to do so, Duterte noted that it is not allowed by law, and that his opinion might create hostility, considering that he is a president. He emphasized that it would affect the millions of Filipinos in the US.

Meanwhile, Malacañang said that they have not received any formal request from DeGeneres to interview President Duterte. But because the president said he does not want to go to the US, Presidential Communications Office (PCO) Secretary Martin Andanar said that Ellen is very much welcome to visit the Philippines, adding that she can also meet the president.