Eating Pu$$y Has Great Health Benefits for Men and Women, Research Says

Going down women quote

Yes, eating a pu$$y has more benefits than what many people think. And the good news is that its health benefits are for both the doer and the receiver, men and women, and lesbians as well. But while some couples feels awkward to try it, it appears that going down on a female’s rose can also help you save money from going to the doctor.

In a recent study by researchers at State University of New York, the result suggested that cunnilingus (the formal term) is more than just a foreplay to bring a woman to heaven. The research was conducted to 150 straight and lesbian couples, where 75 of them were instructed to perform it heavily on their partners; while the rest were told not to do it.

Based on the data, the stress and anxiety levels of those who didn’t do the act are significantly higher than to those who did it. The research also suggested that going down on women helps improve the quality of sleep of the receiver. But more importantly, health experts suggested that such acts can help prevent and cure cancer for both men and women.

How? Experts say that this heavenly service to ladies encourages the production of hormones such as oxytocin and DHEA. These hormones are not only cancer and heart disease fighters, but are also great in fighting insomnia and migraine headache. Apparently, the same health benefits are also believed to be awarded to the service provider.

And obviously, tasting the rose (muff diving, carpet-munching, licking her honeypot, pleasing her beaver or whatever you want to call it) reduces the chance of being tempted to other women, and therefore helps strengthen fidelity to loving couples. But of course, make sure that the rose is clean even before you touch it. And yes, the same research suggests that BJs also have the same health benefits.



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