Duterte Supporters in Camiguin Being Harassed, Not Allowed to Join Rally?

Supporters of 2016 presidentiable, Davao City Mayor Rodrigo ‘Rody’ Duterte in Mambajao, Camiguin are receiving various types of harassment, according to the advisory released by the camp of Duterte. Allegedly, they are being warned not to join the rally in the afternoon, this Wednesday, March 23, 2016.

“A source here says they (supporters) are being threatened with removal of benefits if they join the rally, including cash allowances. Market vendors were also told they would no longer be allowed to sell if they attend the rally,” The Duterte camp was quoted in a statement at Davao Breaking News this morning.

Allegedly, Duterte supporters with campaign stickers on their vehicles are being advised to be at the back of line in the pier going to Camiguin, probably a way to delay their arrival in the rally site. In addition, the electrical connection at the area were purportedly unplugged by unidentified people early Wednesday morning.

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The sound system, which will be used during the rally was also pulled out despite the fact that the organizers of the event had already paid for it. And worst of all, the owners of the sound system were threatened that they will not be allowed to do business in the area if they continue to serve the Duterte rally.

Peter Laviña, spokesperson and chief of Duterte media team, said that government employees who will join the Duterte-Cayetano rally will not receive their benefits and cash allowances. He added that they will be removed from the list of government incentives, such as PhilHealth, 4Ps, among others.

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Duterte supporters Camaguin

Duterte Supporters in Camiguin; Credit: Duterte Media team

“The LGU is making it hard for us to hold a rally. But more than that, it is making it hard for the people of the beautiful island of Camiguin who want real change.” Laviña said, noting that the harassment was obviously made by the Romualdo clan, a political dynasty in Camaguin that has been in Liberal Party since 2013.

The incumbent mayor of Mambajao, Camiguin is Ma. Luisa Romualdo, who is the wife of Camiguin Gov. Jurdin Jesus Romualdo. Their son, Xavier Jesus “XJ” Romualdo is the Congressman of the lone district of Camiguin. As of posting, none of them and the Roxas’ camp have not yet commented on the allegations.

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