Duterte Spokesman Salvador Panelo Comments on Alleged Illegal Parking Incident

Duterte spokesman Salvador Panelo

Atty. Salvador Panelo, the spokesman of incoming President Rodrigo Duterte, explained his side on the accusation of a netizen that he violated a no parking policy of Greenhills Commercial Center. The incoming presidential spokesperson categorically denied the alleged illegal parking incident, saying that the entire scenario was only misinterpreted.

Around 15 hours ago, Facebook user Clarisse Evangelista claimed that she saw Atty. Salvador Panelo parking his Mercedes Benz at the Greenhills Commercial Center, outside Mercury and Tropical Hut Shoppesville. And because this is a no-parking area, a mall security guard asked him to move his car, but she said Panelo did not mind him.

Evangelista added that Atty. Panelo got off the car, and brought out a Duterte tarpaulin and placed it on the hood, and walked away. Nevertheless, she noted that some people who also saw the incident might have a different perception. However, she said she is sure that parking is not allowed in the said area, and that Panelo should set a good example.

About 2 hours ago, Atty. Salvador Panelo used his Facebook to comment on the issue. According to him, he asked permission from the mall guard if he could momentarily park his car in the area, because he plans to buy something from the said shopping mall. He said the guard told him to park his car at the parking zone, in front of the Theater Mall.

Panelo noted that when he got off his car, some Duterte supporters saw him and immediately requested a selfie with him. He added that one of them requested to put a Duterte sticker on the hood so that it could be included in the photo. The Duterte spokesman said he granted their requests, which made him appear to commit illegal parking.

Meanwhile, a commenter asked Clarisse Evangelista what time the incident happened. According to him, parking is allowed at Greenhills Commercial Center until 10 am. Evangelista, who admitted she was not able to took photo of the incident, said that it happened at past 1 pm. This means the area is already a no-parking zone at that time.

Below is full context of the Facebook posts of Clarisse Evangelista and Atty. Salvador Panelo.

Duterte spokesperson Panelo illegal parking

Credit: Clarisse Evangelista Facebook

Duterte spokesperson Panelo illegal parking comment

Credit: Salvador Panelo Facebook

We hope that people who witnessed what happened to come out and describe what they saw. Probably, the mall can also release a CCTV video showing the scenario. Otherwise, it will be diffucult to prove that Panelo really violated the no-parking policy.