Duterte Scratch Card to Raise Campaign Funds Stopped due to Comelec Strict Requirements

Duterte Scratch Card

The Duterte Scratch Card, which an initiative to raise funds for election campaign of Mayor Rodrigo ‘Rody’ Duterte, has been suspended. The first-of-its-kind card is a move by Duterte supporters from Mindanao, wherein people can donate to as low as P25. There are also available cards for P50, P100, P500, P1,000, P5,000, P10,000, P25,00, P100,000 and P500,000.

To use the Duterte Scratch Card, the buyer of the card should scratch a portion at the back so he will know his personal identification numbers and letters. The unique information will be sent to a certain phone number of the “DU30 Presidential Campaign Fund,” along with the sender’s name and address. Once sent, the sender will receive a confirmation text message.

This project was welcomed by Duterte supporters, and is considered legal. It was announced a few days, but was never started. According to Inquirer, the decision to suspend the move was made after the legal advisers of Mayor Duterte after their camp was advised by the Commission on Elections (Comelec) about certain requirements before someone can donate.

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“Campaign [manager] Jun Evasco ordered to stop it on the advise of our [legal team]. The cards are not prohibited but reportorial requirements by Comelec on contributions would make it hard for us. We need to adjust. We already notified the sponsoring private group as well as our [political organizers].” Duterte camp’s head of media group and spokesperson Peter Laviña said.

Apparently, the Comelec requires all donors to go to a lawyer to have the card notarized before it can be used. Therefore, it becomes a burden to Duterte supporters who plan to buy P25-card. The process also requires the donor to have a TIN (tax identification number), and therefore students who don’t have TIN cannot donate money to Duterte even if they want to.

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As of posting, Duterte’s camp is still thinking another option to raise campaign funds. One suggestion is that small amounts be put together in a donation center. Once it reaches to a certain amount, the form used shall be notarized under a single donor. Mayor Duterte has announced that he has no enough money for his campaign, but his supporters vowed to help him.

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