Duterte Questions COA Report of Davao City Government Hiring Contractual Employees, “Why Only Now?”

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Davao City Mayor Rodrigo “Rody” Duterte denied he was the one who hired over 11,000 contractual employees in 2014. The said hiring is now being questioned by the Commission on Audit (COA), wherein the local government of Davao City allegedly spent P708 million. The tough mayor asks COA, “Why only now?”

COA auditors reportedly found that only 3,253 out of the Davao City 14,499 employees of the Davao City government hold regular positions. Allegedly, the remaining 11,246 workers are on contractual basis, including the 5,165 job orders that were paid from the maintenance and other operating expenses budget.

“The city has no written policy or manual on the hiring of employees particularly under contract of services and job orders. Identification of persons to be hired for such nature rests directly upon the recommendation of the department heads and other officials of the city,” a statement from COA was quoted at Rappler last week.

In its report, COA also noted that that there were no legal documents proving that the contractual workers were really existing and have worked for the city government. These workers reportedly did not have daily attendance records, and that their job descriptions were specified in the work contracts.

Upon learning the allegations, Mayor Rody Duterte was quick to explain his side. According to the rumored presidential candidate in 2016, it was former Davao City mayor Benjamin De Guzman who hired those employees, not him. The tough mayor is also questiong the timing of the claim of COA.

“Why only now? Wala akong ginawa, basta ang pera dumaan sa ganito. If I can produce one worker of the 11,000, magsabi na may piso dumating sa akin, mag-resign ako bukas, at magpakulong ako.” Mayor Duterte said in a statement, noting that he is willing to resign and be jailed if proven guilty.

“For as long as I give jobs to the people, it’s ok. Basta dumating ‘yung pera sa tao, mayroong trabaho,” He added. He later emphasized that the Davao City government does not have enough regular jobs to offer to workers. Duterte also said he is willing to face the COA to answer all the questions regarding this matter.

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On Saturday, June 20, another set of allegations from the COA against Duterte has surfaced. Allegedly, the Davao City government spent P45 million on motor vehicles, emergency response center, and the traffic management center. Another P5 million were reportedly used in the maintenance and office equipment.

The COA report said all those expenditures were declared as part of the calamity funds. However, the agency said the funds used should not be included in the Disaster Risk Reduction and Management (LDRRM) Fund Investment Plan. As of posting, Mayor Duterte has not comment on this issue.

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