Gab Valenciano Now Impressed With the President Duterte, But Still Gets Bashed

Duterte Gab Valenciano

Gabriel “Gab” Valenciano, son of Mr. Pure Energy Gary Valencianco and a huge critic of President Rodrigo Duterte, has tone down his voice on his opposition against the president and admitted that he is now impressed with his performance. But although many netizens applauded his change of mind, some Duterte supporters are still bashing him.

“So, with Duterte, he is the current president. I respect him and everything that he’s been doing. Maski na there are some things na (Although there are some things that) I’m not for, it doesn’t matter, e. Kasi at the end of the day, he’s our leader and we have to respect him.” Gab Valenciano said in an exclusive interview with PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal (PEP).

“And so, with everything that he’s been doing so far, I’m very, very happy. I’m very impressed. And I cannot wait to see what else he’s about to do kasi one month pa lang naman siya, e. One month pa lang siya and he already has done so much, so I’m glad that he’s proven me wrong.” Valenciano added, noting that opposition is a doorway to growth.

“And one thing na na-realize ko with the Philippines is medyo ang daming negative.“And that’s the one thing I wish the Philippines would change, the negativity.So, my point is for Duterte, if he can be that voice of change, everybody else will follow. So, nakikita ko naman, slowly but surely he’s trying to create that change.” The former Duterte critic noted.

However, some Duterte supporters appears to be not convinced with Gab’s change of point of views. Some of them accused him of being a drug dependent, and that he now pretends to support President Duterte because of the president is set to announce soon the names of celebrities and showbiz personalities allegedly involved in illegal drugs.

In December 2015, Gab Valenciano publicly criticized then-Davao City Mayor Duterte and agreed with OPM singer, Kitchie Nadal when she condemn Duterte being a womanizer on her Facebook page, which she has deleted after it went viral. That time, he did not mention Duterte’s name, but his Facebook post suggested that he is against Duterte.

Gab Valenciano vs Duterte

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Gab Valenciano support Duterte comments

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Gab Valenciano, 28, who left for the US years ago after he got depressed when he felt not being warmly accepted in the local industry, has now returned to the country along with his wife, Tricia Centenera. He said that he and his family will now stay in the country for good.