Dutch Man Went to China to See Woman He Met Online, Waited 10 Days at Airport but She Didn’t Arrive

Man wait 10 days China airport girl

A man named Alexander Pieter Cirk flew from Holland to China just to see a Chinese woman who was only known as Ms. Zhang, whom he met online. But after the 41-year old Dutch man waited for her for 10 days at the Chinese airport, the girl never came. The news went viral at Chinese social media, and earned mixed reactions. Here’s their story.

According to Chinese news website, People’s Daily Online, Alexander Pieter Cirk and Ms. Zhang, met through an app 2 months ago and had a romantic relationship online. Later, the Dutch man sent her a photo of his plane ticket to China. Mr. Cirk contact her again when he arrived at the Huanghua Airport, in Changsha but her phone was always off.

But because of his eagerness to see the love of his life in person for the first time, Mr. Cirk patiently waited for her. But as the hours became days, Ms. Zhang did not show up. Airport personnel started to notice him as he slowly suffer from physical exhaustion. They advised him to go to the nearest hospital, but he refused saying that she might arrive any time.

But after 10 agonizing days of lack of sleep, the Dutch man became weak and passed out. Airport officials let him sit a wheel chair, and brought him to the near hospital, where he diagnosed with severe diabetes. That was when his story was reported in local news, with many Chinese netizens sympathizing with him, and bashed the 26-year old Chinese girl.

After learning the news about Mr. Cirk, Ms. Zhang agreed to be interviewed by local media. According to her, she underwent plastic surgery that time, and decided to turn off her phone. She noted that she thought that he was only joking when the told her that he will fly to China to see her. Nevertheless, she is set to met him before he returns to Holland.