DOTR Sec Tugade Slams Inquirer for ‘Metro Manila Traffic Just a State of Mind’ Misleading Headline

Transportation Secretary Arthur Tugade criticized Inquirer, saying that it’s headline ‘Metro Manila Traffic Just a State of Mind’ is misleading, malicious, and sensationalism. He slammed the online newspaper for taking his statements out of context. The said news article was posted Wednesday morning, September 7, and received tons of criticisms.

“It’s all in the mind, a transport official said of the country’s traffic situation. It’s the Filipinos’ “state of mind” that actually worsens the country’s traffic situation, Transportation Secretary Arthur Tugade maintained on Tuesday, adding that using the traffic as a convenient excuse for tardiness has become a habit.” The first part of the Inquirer news report reads.

But in an exclusive interview with Gerry Baja at Anthony Taberna via DZMM radio program ‘Dos por Dos’, Wednesday afternoon, Secretary Tugade categorically denied saying that the traffic in Metro Manila is only a state of mind. Here, he confirmed that he earlier said that people should not use traffic as a convenient excuse to be late in an appointment.

“Ito ho ‘yung tinatawag na honesty to the slightest detail. Kaya sabi ko baguhin natin yung psyche. Kung late tayo, edi late tayo. Baguhin natin ang ating pamumuhay. Agahan natin. Kung traffic, solusyunan natin ang traffic… puwede ko ba sasabihin na state of mind ‘yan? Sira ulo ‘yung gumawa ng headline.” Tugade angrily told Taberna and Baja during the interview.

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Earlier that day, Senator Grace Poe commented on Tugade’s ‘state of mind’ statement. Being the chairperson of Senate committee on public services, the losing presidentiable said that “our state of mind is such, because traffic is a deplorable reality. She added that it is the duty of the DOTr to be able to provide a concrete solution to traffic.

However, Sen. Poe noted that motorists and the riding public can also help solve the worsening traffic by simply being disciplined and should follow traffic rules. Nevertheless, she emphasized that she also will also do her part as a legislator. As of posting, Inquirer has not yet commented on Tugade’s accusations, and their news report remains unchanged.