Did Doris Bigornia Insult Lea Salonga and Blakdyak? Netizens React (Video)

Doris Bigornia Lea Blakdyak

ABS-CBN personality Doris Bigornia has already apologized over her misbehavior during the concert of Irish pop-rock band The Script last Friday, April 17. However, many netizens believed that somehow she insulted Lea Salonga and Blakdyak during the confrontation after the concert. Watch the full video very closely.

As reported earlier, Doris Bigornia admitted that she and her daughter rushed to the front when the members of The Script band came out which she is typical in all rock concerts. However, the Mutya ng Masa denied the allegation that she made harsh statements to a certain Richard Lim, a fellow concert audience.

According to the Facebook post by Lim, he politely approached Bigornia and requested her to return to her seat. Richard said that Doris didn’t mind him so he went to her again. This time, Doris Bigornia allegedly told him with a loud voice, “Wala akong paki kahit mamatay sya dyan.” (I don’t care, even if he dies there).

Lim, a member of the Association for the Advancement of Karatedo and a karate coach for international competition, added that after the concert, he saw the Bigornia family again and said that Doris’ son looking at him with a grin. He said he went to him and asked him why. This is when the confrontation happened.

But on the contrary, Doris Bigornia said that she and her children were happily talking to each other when Richard Lim confronted them and said hurtful words to her children. During the exchange of words, you can hear Doris’ son cursing at Lim. But at some point, Doris said something no one has ever unexpected.

Next time, watch a Lea Salonga concert, or better yet Blakdyak.” Doris Bigornia said on the video.

But what does she mean by that? The world knows that Lea Salonga became an international star when she played Kim in the musical Miss Saigon from 1989 to 1991. Because of her exemplary performance, Lea won numerous awards including the prestigious Tony Awards and continuously performed at Broadway.

In the local scene, Lea Salonga starred in several movies before and after her Miss Saigon stint. In December 2013, she had a Philippine concert tour with ABS-CBN Philharmonic Orchestra to celebrate her 35 years in show business. Due to popular demand, the concert tour was stretched until January 2014.

Not to mention, Lea is a coach-judge at The Voice Kids (Philippine TV series) and The Voice of the Philippines, and is very active on social media especially on Twitter where she has 2.8 million followers. On the other hand, Blakdyak is a local comedian and singer who popularized various songs admired by Filipinos.

Blakdyak is not active in showbiz anymore, but remains a music icon and people still love him. For Lea Salonga, she can hold a concert anytime she wants and can easily sell tickets. But with Doris Bigornia telling Richard Lim to watch a Lea Salonga concert, is she suggesting that only a few people will come to watch her?

Here are some of the reactions from netizens on Doris Bigornia’s comment mentioning the names of Lea Salonga and Blakdyak:

Doris Bigornia insults Lea Salonga tweets

As of posting, Richard Lim has no official statement yet on the apology of the ABS-CBN news reporter. Meanwhile, Lea Salonga is yet to comment on Bigornia’s mentioning of her name. And yes, Blakdyak also has the same right to comment on this issue.

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