Davao Condo Bans Indian Students Because of Their Foul Smell, Perfect Example of Discrimination?

A condominium in Davao allegedly did not allow some Indian medical students to rent their establishment because of their foul smell. This is according to a female netizen who posted on Facebook some photos of the poor condition of the group of students from India outside the condo, which she described as a perfect example of discrimination.

“These Medical Students from India we’re supposed to move-in as renters but we’re banned/NEVER had the chance to get in. The reason? Somebody from the Property Management Office decided to ban the students because of their SMELL!!! YES SMELL!!” Cudlob Doow Lezah wrote on Facebook, Saturday, February 4. She lives in Davao del Sur.

“Consider their clearances from Indian Embassy, School and the Immigration Office… These poor Medical Students had to stay outside trying to be treated right. But we had NO LUCK!.” Lezah added, without mentioning the name of the condominium (or hotel) in question and its exact address, as well as the names of those Indian students.

“We stayed up until this time of night looking for a safe place for them to stay for the night. They had ALL their belongings with them. Haven’t eaten anything yet including me and 3 agents.. Had to sit under the rain…If you believe they deserve HUMANE treatment PLEASE CLICK SHARE!!!” The netizen added, who was obviously very upset that time.

As of posting, the involved Davao condo has not yet released any statement on what really happened. It remains unknown if the establishment has a rule that bans Indian nationals, or some residents have complained about their supposed bad smell. Nevertheless, many netizens agree that the act is unfair, and that it is being racist.

Credit: Cudlob Doow Lezah Facebook

Meanwhile, an Indian student who is studying in Davao City commented on Lezah’s post. He admitted that he sometimes encounter people covering their noses because of his smell. However, he clarified that it is not because of improper hygiene, but rather because of their native spicy diet and their body is not used to hot weather.