Daniel Padilla, Kathryn Bernardo Receive Over P20 Million for Endorsing Mar Roxas, Report Says

Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo of Kathniel reportedly received millions of pesos for endorsing Mar Roxas for president in the 2016 election. The report comes a few days after Korina Sanchez posted on her official Instagram account a photo of her, her husband Mar Roxas, and the famous Kapamilya love team, with all of them flashing the “L” sign.

As reported at PEP.ph last Friday, November 27, many netizens especially KathNiel fans are questioning Daniel and Kathryn for their endorsement to Mar Roxas in 2016. Some of them said that the ‘Pangako Sa’Yo’ stars are still young and don’t fully understand politics. Some are also thinking that Roxas’ camp might have offered them a very irresistible amount of money.

The paper then cited the report of veteran showbiz columnist Cristy Fermin on her ‘Most Wanted’ column at Bulgar tabloid, stating that Kathryn Bernardo allegedly received P20 million for endorsing Mar Roxas. For Daniel Padilla, he allegedly received a higher amount but was not mentioned how much. Nevertheless, the 8-digit amount is still unconfirmed.

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“Sa abot ng aming kamalayan, ang alam namin ay ang mga tagapamuno ng INC ang nagdedesisyon kung sinu-sinong pulitiko ang kanilang dadalhin, nililigawan talaga sila ng lahat ng partido dahil ang nagkakaisang boto ng mga miyembro ng INC ay napakalaking tulong kundi man sila talaga ang nakapagpapanalo sa kandidato.” Cristy Fermin was quoted as saying.

(As far as we know, the INC leaders are the ones who decide the politicians that the church shall carry. All political parties are courting them because their members’ bloc voting practice is a very big help or yet, their votes are the deciding factor for political candidates to win.)

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Fermin was quoted emphasizing that this is different when politicians ask celebrities to be their endorsers, but are following their religion’s doctrine; this is why they don’t accept the invitation. The columnist also said she asked another INC celebrity, Gladys Reyes about Kathryn’s INC membership. Gladys said she knows nothing about it, but noted that Kathryn is not regularly attending church activities.

Last Wednesday. November 25, Mar Roxas was the guest at ANC’s Beyond Politics with Lynda Jumilla. During the interview, the LP standard bearer was asked if Daniel and Kathryn were paid for their endorsement to him, and he categorically denied that there was a financial arrangement between him and KathNiel in exchange for their support to him as a presidentiable.

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“No, not at all. I thank them very much, Daniel in particular. He’s from Tacloban. And they knew the story of what happened during Yolanda. Nung umuwi sila don nung bakasyon, parang nadinig nila ‘yung storya and sabi nila, ‘parang hindi ito totoo,’ ‘yung politikal na paninira,” Mar Roxas said, adding that he is very grateful to both Daniel and Kathryn.

Meanwhile, there were also reports saying Kathryn Bernardo is no longer a member of the Iglesia ni Cristo (INC). This is after supposed INC minister named Daniel Gullos posted on his Facebook page that the INC has not given Kathryn a go-signal to endorse Mar Roxas because she is already a disfellowshipped (tiwalag) member of their church.

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Kathryn Bernardo tiwalag INC

Credit: Daniel Gullos Facebook

KathNiel is among the Kapamilya stars who appeared in the ‘Bakit si Mar’ ad video. There, Kathryn Bernardo said she chose Roxas because he gives importance to education, and she read the laws he has authored and she realized that they are very important, For Daniel Padilla, he said that Roxas knows the solutions to the problems to our country. Other celebrity supporters of Mar Roxas are Carla Abellana, James Yap, Richard Yap, Karylle, the Melason love team and many more.


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