CPP Says Abu Sayyaf Attack in Bohol Could be Overkill, CHR Official Agrees

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) released a statement this Good Friday, April 14, suggesting that the Abu Sayyaf attack in Bohol by members of Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) early this week is likely to be overkill, Apparently, the CHR (Commission on Human Rights) appears to be on the side of the CPP.

“The news stories regarding the supposed arrival and presence of members of the Abu Sayaff criminal bandit group in Bohol island smacks of a US yarn. The Philippine Air Force dropped nine bombs in Barangays Napo, Calenti and Banahao in Inabangan forcing at least 1,200 local residents people to evacuate,” the CPP said in a statement.

“The AFP media office, known for spinning fake news stories, has produced a highly dubious story of no less than 60 fully armed men who traveled three hundred kilometers by boat from Sulu to Bohol, unhampered by the whole AFP establishment, then upstream to a place unknown to them with only a general plan to ‘target tourists,'” It added.

The CPP also noted that the United States government could also be behind the turn of events. It suspected that it could be a conspiracy between the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the Philippine’s national defense department. Last Sunday, the US Embassy in Manila issued a travel advisory for Central Visayas.

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“It has been used to carry out terrorist bombings and other dirty jobs for the CIA to justify its ‘war on terror’ and the presence of US foreign troops in the country. Its bandit activities, mainly kidnapping-for-ransom, has been lucrative for the Abu Sayaff ringleaders and their AFP handlers.” The CPP further said, noting that AFP plans to increase its presence in the Visayas region.

Meanwhile, Eugenio Mendoza of CHR Visayas said that CPP could be right. He said he received reports ofwitnesses claiming that the Abu Sayyaf members were outnumbered by the soldiers and police who made the attack. The CHR official emphasized that although Abu Sayyaf is known for kidnapping and murder, its members also have human rights.



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