Cop Who ‘Harassed’ Online a Female Marcos Burial Protester Says It Was Not Him, But His Friend

A police officer named Christian Godfrey Plantinos allegedly harassed a female protester against the burial of the late-President Rodrigo Duterte at the Libingan ng mga Bayani (LNMB) on Facebook. But after his comment went viral, he denied it was him, and noted that his friend used his Facebook app and posted the sexual harassment comment.

“Dalawa tayo i-threesome ta siya hahaha, (The twos us. Let do a threesome with her.)” A comment reads posted under the name of Christian Godfrey Plantinos from Bacolod on a Facebook post showing a photo of a beautiful female anti-Marcos burial protester. It is actually a reply to a lewd remarks posted by a netizen using the name Isabuhay Dugongbughaw.

The screenshot of the photo and harassment comments was also posted by Atty. Jose Vener Ibarra on his Facebook page on Tuesday, November 22. The lawyer wrote a letter to the PNP Directorate for Personnel asking for information about Plantinos, noting that a case should be filed against him for violating Republic Act No. 10175 (Cybercrime Prevention Act).

The next day, Philippine National Police (PNP) chief Director General Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa expressed his anger over the rape threat comment, adding that he will have it investigated. It has also been confirmed that there is policeman assigned at Negros Island Region Police Office (NIRPO) named Police Officer 1 (PO1) Godfrey Celes Plantinos.

This Wednesday, PO1 Godfrey Celes Plantinos was interviewed by ABS-CBN and admitted that the said Facebook account is his, but categorically denied that it was him who posted the derogatory comment against the anti-Marcos burial protester. The police officer said that one his friends, whom he did not identify was the one who posted it without his knowledge.

“Na rekta ya sa Facebook application. Pag open ya kay sige sige lang syia open rekta guro , amo to wala na ko kabalo sang natabo. Dason mga 11 amo na, gin dul ong ko sila, pag open ko sang cellphone, tingala ko may iban nga ga ano sa akon bala, ga comment sa lalin lain.” PO1 Godfrey Celes Plantinos was quoted in saying in their native dialect.

(My friend used my Facebook application. When I opened it, the comment was already posted, and I don’t know how it happened. After I dropped them off at around 11 AM, when I opened my cell phone, I noticed that my account was receiving tons of comments, so I felt bad.)


Credit: Jose Vener Ibarra Facebook

“Te ga lalain ko e. perahas sa amon, amo ni obra namon, sensitive katama, dapat lantawon gid naton kung sino na ang gina pakapot naton sa cellphone ta, ang budlay pagid kung ma hack ang cellphone mo. (Like in our case, we have a sensitive job, so we should be cautuous as who uses our cell phone, it will be worse if it’s hacked.)” He added.