Conduction Sticker of Hyundai Car Used by Suspect in Killing Biker Wrongly Identified, Witness Says

A witness in the incident of killing a biker in Manila this Monday, July 25, said that the conduction sticker of the Hyundai Eon used by the suspect was wrongly identified. This is after the car owner went to the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) the next day to deny that it was not his car involved in the incident. Watch the video of the incident below. (Note: Not suited for young audience.)

As shown in the CCTV footage, a red Hyundai Eon cut a biker along P. Casal Street in Quiapo, Manila at around 9:36 pm last Monday, and the driver of the car and the biker had an argument. Shortly, the driver got off his car and had a fist fight with the biker. After around 2 minutes, the biker rode his bike again and the driver also got back to the car.

But while the biker was about to leave the area, the car driver got off again this time with a gun. He shot the biker in the face point black and shot him again thrice even if he was already down. The suspect immediately went back to the car and left the area. As you can also see, there were two people who have witnessed the crime but slowly ran way.

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According to a report at GMA’s 24 Oras this Tuesday night, the victim was identified as Mark Vincent Geralde, 35, who died of gunshot wounds. A certain Rosell Bondoc was hit by a stray bullet from the suspect, and is now in critical condition at the Mary Chiles General Hospital. The 18-year old girl was then throwing their garbage, her grandmother said.

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The report also said that the conduction sticker of the red Hyundai Eon that was used by the suspect is MO3746 and owned by a certain Nestor Punzalan. The sad car owner emphasized that his car was not used in the night of the murder. And while the NBI is still investigating the case, a netizen said that the conduction sticker was wrong and the correct one is MO3745.

“We just received this message from a person who doesn’t want to be identified: “Good evening, Top Gear Philippines. I would like to inform you that the real conduction sticker number of the car involved in the shooting incident that killed a cyclist is MO3745.” A statement reads on Top Gear Philippines Facebook about an hour ago.

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“This is verified according to the witness who saw the incident. Somebody posted the wrong conduction sticker number. All I want is for justice to be served, and to clear the name of Mr. Nestor Punzalan.” Top Gear Philippines added, noting that the said message is not official and still needs to be confirmed by authorities.

Hyundai car biker killer wrong sticker witness

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We at TN found the Facebook account of Nestor Punzalan but it has already been deactivated. But as far as we know, conduction stickers of the same car models are serial, which means there can be MO3745 and MO3746. Is it only coincidence that they have the same car color? But whoever this cold-blooded murderer is, he definitely should pay!