Mayor Rody Duterte Not Running for President, COC Filing of Candidacy Ends

Mayor Rody Duterte

The filing of COC (Certificate of Candidacy) for the 2016 election has ended, and Davao City Mayor Rodrigo ‘Rody’ Duterte is not running for president. The hard-hitting mayor is expecting to file his COC in Comelec headquarters in Intramuros, Manila this Friday, October 16, 2015, the last day of filing of COCs, but he did not. Instead, he is retiring from politics.

“A little over two years ago, I posted in the government website over the Internet that I was not interested in the Presidency. Nothing has changed. I am comfortable where I am now. If Inday Sara would want it, she has the choice of running in 2016 or the next election.” Mayor Rody Duterte wrote on his official Facebook page, shortly before 5pm, Friday, October 16.

“Personally, the earlier the better. I want to retire. I am tired. Give the presidency to the one who wants it. I don’t.” Mayor Duterte added. As the hashtag #DuterteSerye went trending on Twitter Philippines, netizens patiently waited for updates for an unconfirmed report that Mayor Duterte is flying to Manila to file his COC at the last minute. But still, he did not arrive.

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Duterte Facebook not running president 2016

Credit: Rody Duterte Facebook

Yesterday, Thursday, October 15, Mayor Duterte’s chief of staff Christopher “Bong” Go filed his COC in Davao City on his behalf, stating that Duterte is not running for president, but rather for reelection. He told reporters that his boss is at Puerto Princesa, Palawan. On the same day, Mayor Duterte also announced his reelection bid on his official Facebook page.

However, his supporters did not lose hope as the hashtag #Dutertezoned went trending on Twitter. Although dismayed and heartbroken, more than 5,000 of them stayed at the Comelec office in Manila, holding a peaceful vigil requesting Duterte to run for president. Last Monday, Mayor Duterte ended all speculations emphasizing that being a president is not his ambition.

This Wednesday, Inday Sara shaved her head in apparent support for his father to run. But this Friday, October 16, she surprised everyone when she filed her COC as an official candidate to be the next mayor of Davao City. She posted a photo of her COC on her Instagram with a very strong message to the people who want his father to run in 2016.

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Inday Sara Duterte Instagram mayor 2016

Credit: Inday Sara Duterte Instagram

“To all my fellow Filipinos, you will make him President, otherwise, lagot kayo lahat sa akin (watch out for me). Tandaan niyo ang araw na ito. Wala kami pera, wala kami makinarya, (Remember this day. We have no money, we have no machinery.)” Inday Sara Duterte wrote on her Instagram post, which has now 18.3k Likes and tons of positive comments.

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