Christine Reyes and Other Celebrities Who Join Global Intergold (The New Emgoldex)

Christine Reyes join Emgoldex Global Intergold

Gold investment companies Global Intergold (the new Emgoldex) and Goldxtreme are controversial these days because they are being accused of pyramid scams. But whatever accusations being thrown to them, both networking businesses continue to attract new members, including Christine Reyes and other local celebrities.

We can remember that the SEC (Security Exchange Commission) has already released its warning advisory to be people who are being invited to join Emgoldex and Goldxtreme. According to the agency, Emgoldex is not registered as a company or corporation, while Goldxtreme is not authorized to solicit investment from the public.

But despite all these SEC warnings, even famous celebrities are now joining these gold investment companies. We found a Facebook post showing a picture of Ara Mina signaling a peace sign, which means ‘2nd account’ as a member (client) of Global Intergold. We saw the same photo on her official Instagram account (@realaramina).

According to the caption on the said photo, Ara Mina cleared that she is not an endorser of Emgoldex, but rather a member of Team Golden Farah. The 36-year old actress even thanked the woman who invited her to join, adding that Emgoldex is not a scam. A member of Emgoldex said that Ara’s P36,500 investment became P180,000 in just 30 days.

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Ara Mina Emgoldex Global Intergold

Credit: Ara Mina Instagram

Meanwhile, TN found a photo of Christine Reyes (younger sister of Ara Mina) on Facebook, where she was joined by a woman and MMA fighter Ali Khatibi, the father of Christine’s child. The photo revealed that Reyes is a also client of Global Intergold via Team Golden Farah. A Facebook post said that Ara invited Christine.

A Facebook user mentioned other local celebrities who also joined Global Intergold, which include Melissa Ricks and Helga Krapf. Although there were no other names of celebrities mentioned, he added that there are local policemen and firefighters who are also clients of the same MLM networking business.

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Daniel Matsunaga Goldxtreme

We also found a Facebook post showing a set of photos of Daniel Matsunaga, saying that he is a part of Goldxtreme. On the Team J&Co by Team Myetrixx Facebook page, we found two separate photos of him with Team Heads Miss Jennalyn and Miss Shannrhea Capul, where Daniel was mentioned as endorser of Goldxtreme. We are not sure if he is also a member.


TN is neither a member nor against Global Intergold (Emgoldex), Goldxtreme and other MLM networking companies. However, we are always reminding the public to take extra precautionary actions before they invest their hard-earned money. For us, it is not enough to say that many members are earning good money to say that they are not scam.

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