CHR May Open Hiring of Personnel Who Can Join Anti-Drug Police Operations

The Commission on Human Rights (CHR) is planning to hire qualified personnel in various positions, but will focus more in close monitoring of the intensified fight of the Philippine National Police (PNP) against illegal drugs. The suggestion was brought out after reports of alleged killings of police while trying to arrest drug suspects are getting rampant.

As aired in local TV news recently, CHR representatives were present during the Senate hearing led by Sen Leila de Lima to investigate cases of potential extrajudicial killing of drug suspects despite surrendering to the police. The human rights group wants to know if all the related deaths are lawful, and that the suspects really tried to fight back.

According to PNP Chief Director General Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa, there are already 712 drug suspects killed during police operations from July 1 to August 21. In addition, 1,067 individuals have been killed by unknown suspects. The tough PNP chief that the cases of possible abuse of power against drug suspects are now under thorough investigation.

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In some areas such as in certain barangays in Cavite, police officials are being joined by a fiscal in their anti-drug operation. This is to make sure that due process is being followed during the arrest of drug suspects. Apparently, such actions led to the CHR to plant to do the same. But due to lack of personnel, the human rights group plans to hire qualified individuals for the job.

As of posting, there is still no official list of requirements for the job hiring at CHR. However, among the possible qualifications shall include being physically fit, at least high school graduate, and willing to work even at late night. The draft of the proposal is set to be submitted to CHR chair Jose Luis “Chito” Gascon for approval, as soon as possible.

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Meanwhile, the PNP is welcoming the CHR’s participation in their anti-drug operations, hoping that this will end speculations of police killings of drug suspects who did not resist arrest. The proposed CHR hiring of personnel is also expected to be approved by President Rodrigo Duterte, for the release of budget for salaries of new CHR employees.



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