Chinese Airplane Passengers Now Required to Pass Travel Ethics Test

Chinese plane passenger fight

Photo Credit: via China Smack

All Chinese passengers are now required to pass the travel ethics test before they will be allowed to board a commercial airplane. This is after a series of recent plane incidents involving Chinese nationals. The new policy was announced by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) on Wednesday.

“Safety is our main priority. The move is not to ban Chinese citizens to travel, but to protect everyone inside the plane. The earlier incidents are more than enough for us to impose this new policy.” IATA Security Policy Director Calvin Escueto said in a mini press conference in Geneva, Switzerland.

“We have received requests from our members to act on the current situation, and this is our response. We hope our Chinese customers will understand that it is also for their own safety.” Escueto added, noting that the air travel ethics test for Chinese passengers takes effect immediately until further notice.

Based on the copy of the travel ethics exam obtained by TN, the test contains 20 questions and examinees should choose an answer (A, B, C, or D). The last part contains a pledge statement, which they need to sign. It states that they are willing to receive penalties for not following the rules of travel ethics.

No information was provided in terms of the passing grade. However, Chinese passengers will be allowed to take the exam as many as they can. To avoid delay of flight, the result of the exam will be available in less than 5 minutes, and a special lane will be provided for them. Concerned passengers are advised to arrive at the airport early.

Last week, a female Chinese passenger of Air Asia flight FD9101 from Bangkok to Nanjing intentionally threw hot water and noodles to an airline crew because she was not satisfied with the service. The plane was forced to return to Don Mueang Airport.Four Chinese passengers were involved in the incident. In a statement, China National Tourism Administration said all of them will receive unspecified punishment.

A few days ago, a male Chinese passenger of China Eastern Airlines flight MU2331 from Xi’an to Sanya Fenghaung International Airport reportedly opened the emergency exit door to get off the plane faster. The incident caused a two-hour delay because the plane had to return to its origin to fix the slide.

In a separate incident, another male Chinese passenger of a Xiamen Airlines flight flight from Hangzhou to Chengdu opened the emergency exit just before the plane took off. According to reports, the passenger said this is his first time to board a plane and that he wanted to get some fresh air. The flight was not delayed but many passengers got scared.

On Wednesday, December 17, a fight broke out inside Air China flight CA433 between two Chinese female passengers and a Chinese family sitting behind them. Reports said that the child of the family is very noisy and that the family ignored the complaint of the two passengers. Photos of the incident immediately spread online.

Meanwhile, the new policy for Chinese airplane passengers will be implemented in all the members of IATA, including Air Canada, British Airways, China Airlines, Delta Airlines, Korean Air, Singapore Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Philippine Airlines and many more. Currently, Air Asia is not a member of IATA.



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