China Reacts, as PNoy Again Compares China to Nazi Germany

PNoy Aquino China Germany Nazi

For the second time, President Benigno Aquino III compared China to Nazi Germany. PNoy made his bold comment amid China’s current aggression over the disputed territories in West Philippine Sea. Shortly after, China immediately reacted on his remarks, and warned the president to stop the provocation.

“If there was a vacuum, if the United States, which is the superpower, says ‘we are not interested’, perhaps there is no brake to ambitions of other countries.” President Noynoy Aquino said in front of Japanese business during the Nikkei 21st International Conference on the Future of Asia this Wednesday, June 3, 2015.

This is the president’s response when he was asked on what he thinks China has been doing lately. Back in April, China was reported to have started constructing a 3,000-meter runway on a reef in the Spratly Islands. The said runway is runway capable of handling military aircraft, serves as an influence the disputed territory.

“I’m an amateur student of history and I’m reminded of … how Germany was testing the waters and what the response was by various other European powers. They tested the waters and they were ready to back down if, for instance, in that aspect, France said (to back down).” The president added.

“But unfortunately, up to the annexation of the Sudetenland, Czechoslovakia, the annexation of the entire country of Czechoslovakia, nobody said stop. If somebody said stop to Hitler at that point in time or to Germany at that time, would we have avoided World War II?” PNoy explains further.

On the other hand, China’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying spoke in behalf of Chinese government during a regular press conference in Beijing. Chunying described the act as “absurd and unreasonable,” and insisted that the Philippines has no legal rights on the disputed islands.

“I have also noticed relevant reports. I am deeply shocked at the absurd and unreasonable remarks by the relevant Philippine leader and express my strong dissatisfaction and opposition. A review of the unfolding of the South China Sea disputes tells us it is the Philippines that has been illegally occupying some islets of China’s Nansha Islands (Spratly Islands) by force since the 1990s,” Chunying said.

“The Chinese government’s resolution and will to safeguard national sovereignty and maritime rights and interests is firm and unshakable. I once more seriously warn certain people in the Philippines to cast aside their illusions and repent, stop provocations and instigation, and return to the correct path of using bilateral channels to talk and resolve this dispute,” The Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman added.

The first time that President Noynoy Aquino made similar remarks against China was last February during an interview by The New York Times. That time, PNoy called for other nations’ support to the Philippines against China’s effort in claiming territories. He compared the situation to Adolf Hitler’s demands for Czechoslovakia.

“If we say yes to something we believe is wrong now, what guarantee is there that the wrong will not be further exacerbated down the line? At what point do you say, ‘Enough is enough’? Well, the world has to say it — remember that the Sudetenland was given in an attempt to appease Hitler to prevent World War II.” PNoy told the paper.

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