Chef to Give Away Free Cakes Worth P10 Million If Mayor Duterte Wins as President

A local chef appears to be giving away free cakes worth P10 million if Mayor Rody Duterte wins as president in the upcoming 2016 election. This hefty offer was made a day after the tough mayor finally announced his presidential bid, citing his disappointment over the decision of the Senate Electoral Tribunal (SET) on Senator Grace Poe’s case on her citizenship.

According to the spreading posts on Facebook, Chef Jack Labang of Quim’s Cake is willing to make sumptuous cake and will give them away, provided that Mayor Duterte will win the presidential election. Apparently, his first offer was worth P5 million but he later lower it to P2 million. Finally, he allegedly raised to P10 million because he feels that Duterte will not win.

“Tatakbo si Duterte? Nagpapatawa ba siya? Reason yan dahil si Sen. Poe, etc. Kung gusto mo talaga mamuno sa bansa, nasa puso mo, gusto mo, kaya mo. Huwag mong gawing dahilan si Poe. Sabi di ka tatakbo. Your a big liar..Hindi ka pa pangulo, sinungaling ka na! Suntukan na lang tayo.”: A statement reads on the alleged Quim’s Cake Facebook page.

(Duterte is running? Is he joking? His reason is Sen. Grace Poe, etc. If you really want to lead the country, it should be in your heart, you should want it, and you should have the capability to do it. Don’t use Poe as an excuse. You said you will not run. You’re a big liar. You’re not yet president, you’re already lying. Let’s have a fist fight.)

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Quims cake p5 million Duterte 2016

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Quims cake p10 million Duterte

We at TN don’t comment on an issue without confirming if the report is true or not, especially if it came from Facebook. We all know that anyone can create a fake Facebook account if his intention is to destroy the reputation of a person. Sad to say, many Facebook users easily believe what they read, immediately post hate comments, and share them.

So after doing some research, we found out that the Facebook page of Chef Jack Labang has his last wall post dated October 8, 2015. Apparently, this page now has tons of negative comments against the chef. If you analyze it further, Chef Labang could have deleted his posts about giving away free cakes. However, we noticed some discrepancies on the posts.

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First, the Facebook page of Quim’s Cake that posted about the rant against Mayor Duterte has a different profile photo and information from that of Chef Jack Labang’ Facebook page. Second, it seems to be a newly-created Facebook account because it only has one photo on it and has no content on its About page. Third, we cannot find that page which we believe it has already been deactivated.

We also found the official Facebook page of Quim’s Cake Bakery & Cafe that has last wall post dated November 9, 2015. It didn’t mention the name of Chef Jack Labang and all the photos on it are pure business, and no personal posts. Therefore, we think that it’s very unlikely that this account is the one that posted the free cakes offer if Duterte will win in 2016.

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We now conclude that it’s not clear as to whether the real Chef Jack Labang was the one who offered the free cakes. But based on our research, it appears that someone is only using his name. We therefore suggest everyone to be resourceful before sharing posts and bashing other people. And in case the post is legitimate, we should be vigilant and avoid cyberbullying. 🙂

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