Change is Happening: Duterte Returns Excess Election Campaign Funds to Donors

Change is not coming. Change is already happening. This is what a Duterte for President campaign team leader wrote on the last part of his Facebook post this Wednesday, May 18. He uploaded a photo of checks of excess election campaign funds that are to be returned to the donors. Below is the full context of his post.

“What greeted me this morning as I walk into my office was a bunch of checks that I need to sign. These checks represent the pro-rated amounts of excess campaign fund contributions for Duterte campaign team (coursed thru Anonymous Patriots).” Marion Raagas wrote as caption of his photo of 21 checks and a check voucher form.

According to Raagas, he thinks that this is the first time that a political candidate has voluntarily returned excess campaign funds, which are usually pocketed by traditional politicians or the fund handler team. He also recalled that presumptive President Duterte has rejected financial support from questionable donors, regardless of the amount.

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As we all know, not all Filipinos agree with the unconventional style of Mayor Duterte during his campaign. Many conservative people call him ‘Berdugo’ for his attempt to end crimes, drugs and corruption in the government. His being a tough-talking politician seems to be unacceptable, and his private life is a bad example to the youth.

This early, Duterte’s incoming administration is being questioned as he publicly announced being open to offer cabinet positions to leftist groups, and will allow to finally bury the body of the late-president Ferdinand Marcos at the ‘Libingan ng mga Bayani’. Likewise, many groups do not agree with his plan to re-impose death penalty.

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Duterte excess campaign funds

With this, political analysts believe that the 16-million votes for Duterte are only ‘protest votes.’ This is because Filipinos want a real change, which the past (and current) administrations have failed to do. And now that the ‘Mayor of the Philippines’ is literally doing it, Filipinos will eventually change. They can now shout, “Proud to be Pinoy.”