Change is Happening: Davao City Policeman Insists on Paying Jeepney Fare

Yes, change is happening! A policeman in Davao City insisted that he pay the fare to the jeepney driver. Apparently, this is contrary to the usual habit of authorities using the public transport, such as bus, jeepney and even tricycle. The inspiring scenario was witnessed by a netizen who posted the details on Facebook this Saturday, May 28.

According to a certain Ipe Lomada of Davao City, he was riding a public jeepney that day at around 9:15am when he heard a man telling to him, “Pakiabot ng bayad. Salamat.” (Please give my fare. Thank you.) And as the usual courtesy of jeepney drivers, the driver returned the money to the policeman, who made a very inspiring response.

“Boss magbabayad lang ako ha, baguhin natin ang lumang pag-uugali, ang dating nakagawian.” (Boss, I will now pay from now on. Let us change our old habit, the one that we are used to do.) The policemen told the driver, insisting that he will pay for the fare. The netizen said the policeman gave him back the money, which he returned to the driver.

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Lomada noted that passengers inside the jeepney smiled with the kind act of the policeman. A lady passenger even joked that the driver should accept it, noting that policemen will eventually have a pay hike. This is the promise of incoming President Rodrigo Duterte during his campaign in the recent elections, where he won via landslide.

The netizen said he was not able to take photos of the face of the kind policeman. Nevertheless, he said he saw his badge and a name on his backpack, and identified him as PO1 ONG of DCPO (Davao City Police Office). He added it was only when the policeman got off the jeepney and walked on the streets that he took photos of him.

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Below is the full content of the Facebook post of Ipe Lomada about the act of kindness of PO1 ONG of DCPO:

DCPO Davao police pay fareDavao City police PO1 Ong

But while we happy to know that the Davao City policeman was inspired by President-elect Duterte, we know that there are also some policemen in other parts of the country who insist to pay for the fare. However, the touching part is when he publicly admitted that he wants to change, not only his habit, but also the culture of Filipinos, for the better.