Celia Rodriguez, Cherie Gil Show How Power Look Works in Acer Commercial (Video)

Celia Rodriguez Cherrie Gil Acer commercial

Can you imagine Celia Rodriguez and Cherie Gil staring at you with their trademark power look while serving them in a restaurant or store? No, you can’t. So, be happy that you can only witness these two well-accomplished actresses together in the latest Acer Philippines commercial. Watch the video below.

Celia Rodriguez and Cherie Gil are two super villains in Philippine cinema. Ms. Rodriguez has four FAMAS awards under her name, and scared the earlier generation for her portrayal of Valentina in the 1973 film Lipad, Darna, Lipad. Coincidentally, Cherie Gil portrayed the same role in Darna: Ang Pagbabalik in 1994.

Born in the clan of versatile actors, and sister of Michael de Mesa and the late Mark Gil, Cherie Gil has one the most memorable lines in local movies. As the main female villain in Sharon Cuneta’s ‘Bituing Walang Ningning,’ she was very effective in her dialogue, “You’re nothing but a second-rate trying-hard copycat!”

And although decades have passed, these two Divas can still prove that power looks do not age. Elegantly and without the need to raise their voices, their eyes are more than enough to melt you slowly even before you know it. No wonder, they are among the few highly respected kontrabidas in local cinema.

Thanks to Acer Philippines, today’s generation has a chance to experience what their parents felt when they got mad while their favorite stars are being eaten alive by Celia Rodriguez and Cherie Gil. But of course, with very high respect to Odette Khan, Luz Fernandez, Zeny Zabala, and the late, great Bella Flores.

The local branch of the giant electronic products company said they chose these two great actresses because of their “their ability to evoke a powerful image and personality through their attitude and look.” True enough, this new video campaign has projected a very strong impact to Acer Premium products.

The first part of this Acer #PowerLook commercial shows Celia and Cherie being asked about their “secret” in getting what they want. Inside a fine restaurant, Cherie Gil was told that there’s no more available table for her. On the other hand, Celia Rodriguez wants to buy a pair of shoes but the last pair is already taken.

And of course, we all know that they only need to project their power look to get the things they want, including an Acer laptop. The two actresses obviously had many things in common. But don’t worry; they have a soft side which you can see on the last part of the commercial. They can also make you smile. 🙂