Cebu Thanksgiving Party for Duterte Lacks Coordination, Kat de Castro Says

Duterte Kat de Castro Cebu Thanksgiving party

Kat de Castro, daughter of ABS-CBN broadcast journalist and former vice president Noli de Castro shared her sentiments over the Cebu Thanksgiving Party for President-elect Rodrigo Duterte held this Saturday, June 25. According to her, the said event lacked coordination that led to some problems, and that some people pretended to be hero.

“The Cebu Thanksgiving Party lacked coordination. There were some who treated us as if we were neophytes in hosting. Ang daming nagpabida. Ang daming nag marunong. Sumablay ang line up ng mga performers. We were scolded for being funny on stage where in fact we were just covering up for the lapses of some of the organizers.” Kat de Castro wrote.

The incoming Tourism Undersecretary added that it was good that Duterte told them to just stand behind him as he steps on stage. She emphasized that real and solid Duterte supporters are not getting paid for attending such events, and are even willing to spend their hard-earned money for flight tickets and hotel accommodation.

De Castro, who used to host ABS-CBN’s award-winning, defunct travel show, ‘Trip na Trip’, noted that Duterte supporters patiently waited for 4 hours in the rain before the incoming president arrived at Mandaue City, Cebu. She said that although some of them were dismayed, she noted that Duterte knows who among them really support him.

Meanwhile, Atty. Bruce V. Rivera (also a known Duterte supporter) agreed on De Castro’s statements over the Cebu Thanksgiving Party for Duterte event. The former lawyer of alleged pork barrel scam queen Janet Lim Napoles noted that the incident is sending a disturbing message, particular from some of the organizers of the said event.

“First of all, the event does not call for it. It was celebration and why would you dampen a festive event with a reminder slash warning. Second, when you elect a leader, there is a presumption that you trust that person. Because how can you entrust the reins of government to someone you distrust. That is something that escapes logic.” Atty Rivera wrote.

Below is the full content of the Facebook posts of Kat de Castro and Atty. Bruce V. Rivera regarding what happened during the Cebu Thanksgiving Party for Duterte:

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Kat de Castro Duterte Cebu Thanksgiving partyAtty Bruce Rivera Duterte Cebu Thanksgiving party

The One Love, One Nation thanksgiving party was held at the South Road Properties, and started at around 8 pm, four hours later than scheduled. Despite the heavy rains, a little less than 50,000 people reportedly attended the said event. Among the entertainers present include Dulce, Arnell Ignacio, Keanna Reeves and Cebuano singer, Max Surban.