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Meet Julian Rios Cantu, the teenager in Mexico who has invented a bra that is designed

Wife Driving Brand New Toyota Fortuner Crashes Mercedes Benz Carrying Her Husband and His Mistress

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300-Year Old Map Proves That South China Sea is Part of the Philippines, Now for Turn-Over to Govt

Yes, there is a 300-year old Philippine map that apparently proves that South China Sea is

Watch: Lover’s Manhood Got Stuck Inside Cheating Wife in Kenya, Rushed to Hospital (Video)

A cheating wife and her lover were hospitalized shortly after the lover’s manhood got stuck inside

Watch: EU Hopes Senate Will Not Pass Death Penalty, Not Proven Effective in Preventing Crimes (Video)

The European Union (EU) is very hopeful that the Philippine Senate will not pass death penalty

94 Year Old Disabled Pinay Victim of Discrimination During United Airlines Flight, Granddaughter Says

A 94-year old disabled Pinay named Paz Arquiza became a victim of discrimination while on board

Watch: Indian TV News Anchor Reads Breaking News About Husband’s Death, Keeps Composure (Video)

A female Indian TV news anchor named Supreet Kaur unexpectedly read a Breaking News about death