Budol-Budol Gang Takes Away P400,000 Retirement Pay From Old Woman (Video)

Budol-Budol gang strikes again, and this time taking away a retirement pay amounting to P400,000 from an old woman on May 5, 2015. It was first reported at GMA’s 24 Oras on May 12, and was reported again this Friday, May 15, along with the CCTV video that captured the face of one of the suspects. Watch it below.

As told by Soledad (not real name) to GMA News reporter Kara David, she was waiting for a ride when two unidentified women approached her and asked for her help, claiming that they just new in the city. But for some mysterious reasons, Aling Soledad losing all of her P400,000 retirement pay to the budol-budol gang.

The 65-year old retiree she had no idea why she entertained the women and how she was convinced to withdraw all her money from the bank along the strangers. She said she seemed to have lost her senses until she got home when she realized that her money was replaced by scratch papers with P200 on top of them.

The CCTV video footage from the Land Bank of the Philippines GSIS branch in Pasay City was featured on the report by GMA News news reporter John Consulta. Aling Soledad and one of the suspects can be seen in front of the bank counter. Shortly, they went to the ATM and la ter back to the teller to withdraw the P400,000 retirement pay.

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Aling Soledad said that the woman counted the money and put them inside a big brown envelope. On you the video, the woman is seen continuously talks and whispers to the victim. There are also three budol-budol gang members outside the bank but were not seen by the camera. She said the group gave her a bag with a padlock before they left her, adding that they also took her ring and watch.

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The case is now under thorough investigation by the Manila Police District. The identity of the woman on the video is not yet known. However, she was described as between 35-40 years old, 5”3’, and chubby. The authorities said the CCTV video will help a lot in finding the suspects.

Meanwhile, the modus operandi of budol-budol gang remains a mystery. In some cases, they pretend to be looking for a house to buy, product sellers, and a Good Samaritan as well. Victims said they were somehow hypnotized and cannot help but follow everything they say, including trusting them their money and belongings.

For safety purposes, the public is being warned to take caution when talking to strangers and avoid accepting anything from them. Also avoid bringing huge amount of cash and wearing expensive jewelries in public places. Note that these swindlers are con-artists, sweet-talking, charismatic, and very convincing.

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